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Online Conferences

We participated in the online conference held by Links_China. We had our first chance to present our project to other teams. We've also discussed issues in our project, especially the lab part as we were struggling to obtain results. Our team also participated in the online conference CCiC where different teams came to exchange ideas and suggestions, which promoted collaborations. We briefly presented our project's progress, including the lab parts and the human practice parts, to other groups. Also, we gained some new perspectives after listening to other teams share their projects.

(Left) Poster submitted to CCiC; The original file can be found here. (Middle) Our participation in CCiC. (Right )Our Participation in Southern China Conference.

Modeling Guidence with SMS_Shenzhen

See our Partenership with SMS.
During our research and reading, we formulated an idea to present our aptamer in actual diagrams, presenting its shape. The literature has already given a diagram but this 2D simulation is much different than the simulation we run using mfold and several other online tools. In addition, we could not reach the corresponding author (the email account has been closed). GreatBay_SMS provided a method to use Discovery studio to run simulations. With their technical help, we were able to run and customize a 3D aptamer on our own.

Here is the link to SMS_Shenzhen's Collaboration Page

Collaboration with GreatBay_SZ

Human Practice is a major component of the iGEM competition, and both teams have put in lots of effort. We worked closely together on Education & Public Engagement. As many of our team members go to the same school, we hosted our iGEM club together. The iGEM club is not only a means for us to educate more people about synthetic biology, but also allows more people to participate in synthetic biology as we bring them to lab tours and share our progress. The club is also responsible for choosing the team members for next year's iGEM competition. Every week, a 1-hour session is hosted and members from GB_SCIE and GB_SZ would meet up on the campus of SCIE to teach people about basic synthetic biology, ranging from genetics to biotechnology. The two teams worked closely on developing a course plan for the semester.

As some members of our team study at SCIE, they assisted in teaching students during the club. Specifically, these members collaborated with GreatBay_SCIE and worked together to deliver lectures on synthetic biology, ranging from genetics to biotechnology. This occurred every week, 1 hour per week.

Furthermore, the teams would publish articles about their projects, but it's harder than it seems. Both teams have faced issues with describing their project clearly to people that maybe knew very little about their project or even synthetic biology. So for every article, we published on public accounts, we shared with each other and gave feedback on things like the general logic of the article or how things could be better explained.

Here is the link to SMS_Shenzhen's Collaboration Page