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Pink Ribbon inspired

Pink ribbon is a well-known national breast cancer campaign organization. This campaign is first initiated in America by a magazine editor. Then, started as a symbol of promoting breast cancer knowledge, it is spread worldwide, including in China. In our previous contact with Pink Ribbon, we have learned that they are aiming at organizing a lot of activities to boost the awareness and to eliminate blind spot of the knowledge regarding how to live with breast cancer. Therefore, inspired by their activities, wanting to be a part of the force to publicize the knowledge and to guide females away from dangers that might lead to health problems, we opened our breast and bra workshop!

Figure 1 Photo with the staff of Pink Ribbon

Breast and bra workshop!

Do you know your body? I believe you all understand that the breast is an important symbol of female sexuality. However, do we really know what is breast and how should we correctly perceive this organ of our body? The boys and girls of GreatBay_SCIE would like to share what we have learned with you! Welcome to our workshop

Women have 4 different types of body shapes, A, V, H, and X, depending on the circumferences of a woman's chest, waist, and hips. For breast, we have six categories in terms of shape— disk-shaped, conical, round, spindle-shapes, droop I, and droop II. These shapes are present in all age groups but some transformations might happen, such as turning from spindle-like to droop II. Some young girls nowadays refuse to wear bras for a sense of freedom or comfort. However, that is not a healthy way to treat your body. Look in the mirror and have a look, what is your body shape and breast type?

Figure 2 Different types of breast.

The suitable bra varies from individual to individual. Out of three types of bras—full coverage, 3/4 coverage, and 1/2 coverage—the conical shape and droop II shape prefer the first while the other four prefer the 3/4 coverage bra. The 1/2 coverage is just for special occasions, for example, weddings. After deciding the bra type, we then have to choose the right cup. Measuring both the upper chest circumference and the lower chest circumference in the correct way can ensure that you have chosen the most healthy size of the bra. Once you have decided on the cup, try it on and see whether bra rims stick on your body and whether your breast gets oppressed. Apart from the things above, make sure you have taken your bra off while sleeping to relax after a tiring day.

Figure 3 Measuring chest is one of the important steps for choosing bra.

After choosing the right bra, we have to take good care of it. Don’t wash it with extremely hot water and don’t put it under serious sunshine — the improper care of your wear might increase the risk of breast cancer because of the material and chemicals in your bra.

Also, learn to take care of your breast by massaging it. Follow the picture below, do it in routine to keep your breast in good shape and healthy condition.

Figure 4 Massage method for breast health

Due to an increase in risks like pressure from family and work, as well as the pollutants, the incidence rate of breast cancer increases greatly. Therefore, knowing the way to self examine yourself is exceptionally important. According to Ms. Lucy and Doctor Zhou, we have been introduced to the process of self-examination. First, make sure your breast is in the correct shape without any distortion. Some signs like the nipple being pushed inward could be a dangerous indication. Then, see whether there is liquid coming out of your body or the nipple, no matter in what color. Apart from the visible changes, feel them with your hands. Use the pads of your hands to press your breast in a circle with the whole coverage to make sure that there is no hard lump that moves around under your skin. Do that on a regular basis, and go to the hospital for further examinations like mammography. Breast cancer is not as scary as we perceived, so look for treatment as early as possible, then it won't lead to any serious consequences.

In our conversation with Pink Ribbon, we learned that most of the breast cancer disease carriers had a high level of psychological pressure from family or the workplace. In fact, more than two-thirds of the patients this organization encountered are in a rather terrible mental state. From this, we know that staying relaxed and healthy is more important than what we previously visioned in terms of preventing the occurrence of cancer. Also, as people are involved in activities like drum playing, fashion design, outdoor trips with kids, they are more willing to communicate with the exterior world and therefore be psychologically treated. So don’t pressurize yourself! Get up early, go for a short run, drink a cup of tea, find yourself some leisure activities like singing, dancing, traveling. Your body is more important than your work and house chores! Ensure yourself a positive mood and healthy lifestyle— diversified diet, regular sleep, and constant exercise—keep you healthy from all perspectives!


If you still have any questions about breast cancer, come and listen to what Thanks for the supports from the Pink Ribbon, we had an opportunity to hold an interview with three convalescent patients who had experienced fighting with breast cancer in the past. During our conversation, they discussed how large the impact of the disease had on their lives, as well as their self changes. We surprisingly found out that all of the volunteers stated that their mindsets were significantly changed after their realization of spending too little time taking care of themselves. Some of them were busy with their families, others dedicated to their careers.

Figure 5 Behind scene of our conversation with patients

During the treating process, the woman’s self-awareness among the volunteers had been aroused. They started to reflect on the past lifestyles, and more significantly -- the patients discovered that their self-identities became blurred in the previous years. As time progressed, they gradually embraced the idea of the importance of “ ego” towards a woman or an individual. Developing personal hobbies and social circles had a positive impact on mental health as well as the promotion of the treatment for breast cancer. In addition, the volunteers also shared their perspectives towards the current situations of breast cancer patients and how social attitudes would affect the group of people. From the interview, our team members obtained a more comprehensive perception of the orientation and scenarios of our project whilst noticing that the improvement of awareness of breast cancer was crucial for society.

Our Interview with Breast Cancer Patients↓