Team:GreatBay SCIE

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  • TEAM

    GreatBay_SCIE consists of 15 enthusiastic and imaginative students, who aim to apply synthetic biology in real life.


    We design an improved ligand-nanoparticle system which utilizes pH-sensitive aptamer to improve specificity on targeting HER2 proteins.

  • LAB

    Our lab is made up of three main parts: aptamer experiment, nanoparticles manufacturing & modification, and cell cultivation & experiments, of which results verified the availability and prospect of our system.


    We design two specific models which collect datas from both of our experiments and publish theses to calculate and predict the best conditions for our system.

  • HP

    Through contacting professors, doctors, and public service organizations, we not only receive useful advice for our methods and experiments but also understand patients' feelings and know their needs.