Team:GDSYZX/Excellence in Another Area


Version 1

Our research inspired us in other fields such as athletics. Our team has given birth to some famous athletes of physique competition. For example, in our introduction to fellow classmates in school, we have proven that through genetic engineering, something that are deemed to be impossible before can be achieved by kindling the potential of our Streptomyces. This has furnished some inspiration for our fellow classmates to follow the philosophy of genetic engineering in our project, that is changing the essence of something, even in a tentative manner, to achieve a goal that seems abstract or distant. To specify, after we introduced our project in our public lecture to some of the classmates in physique competition team of our school, they have incorporated our philosophical concept into their training mode entirely. Now, they have succeeded in winning a competition in our region.

Version 2

Nowadays the ambient in human society is sometime laden with confusion like mist in ocean and clouds in mountain. People, drown in countless preoccupation, using processed products without knowing what they are consists of and their harm and benefits. They live a life in haze. However, in our art design, our team endeavour to illuminate the shadow smothering the truth - we have promulgate brave discovery to truth and omniscience in our project’s art design. By showing figures of feathers breaking down, we revealed the fact that feathers wastes can be converted into exploitable amino acid source by being degraded by feather degrading bacteria (FDB), with our Streptomyces that are processed with synthetic biology approach, like a castle being dissembled into bricks, or mountains into pebbles.