Propaganda Speech

To make our project closer to the public, our team held a public speech to introduce ourselves as well as our result. We created an online meeting room at Tencent Meeting( An app that allows people to have online meetings ) and invited interested friends to participate in this meeting by posting our invitation and poster on the internet. We prepared a PowerPoint to illustrate our project effectively and set up some links that our spectators can engage in to make sure every participant in this meeting could understand our project. More importantly, we tried to make each link funny, since we believe that is the key to earn the love from masses. We always adhere to the principle of letting people learn synthetic biology knowledge happily and selected three speakers from the team to describe our team's struggle experience along the way. During the meeting, spectators participate in our speech actively.

After we finished our speech, many audience decided to stay and inquire more details about our project. Even more surprising, a teacher who teaches biology gave us suggestions about our technique. Although this advice finally did not work out, but from this we can conclude that we have inspired a large number of people to learn about feather processing and microbial fermentation. By this speech, we also met a lot of friends who are interested in biology and iGEM competition. We exchanged ideas and received many useful ideas. This result encourages us to do further thoughtful activities in the future. After propaganda speech, our advisor pointed out some problems existed in our speech. To fix it, we will spend more time improving our presentation ability.

Class in association

After returning to school in September, we also held another lecture to show our latest progress and basic information to freshmen. Before the lecture got started, we specially to set up stall at school’s social community festival so that we might have a better atmosphere during making preach. We prepared a PowerPoint as same as last time we preached. The reaction from audience surprised us since they were pretty interested in feather processing. After the action finished, tudents still stayed at the Lecture Hall and asked some questions about our projects. What’s more, many students also told us that they want to participate in next year’s iGEM team of Guangdong Experimental High School. To some extent, we've trained a group of people interested in iGEM competition. Among all lectures we have held, we got many suggestions from people and we will adjust our speech time by time. We are planning to hold another preach for other schools’ students and help more students to better understand our project or iGE.