This year is the hardest and unpredictable year for our team. But this year, also we could get into the wiki freeze day and are going to join online Giant Jamboree. We got a lot of support from PI, project advisers, past team members of our team, another Chinese n iGEM team and of course our team members. In this page, we want to say thank you for all the people who support us in this year.


NAME Experiment Human Practice Art Design Wiki Construction
Ziyang Luo
Zhichen Guan
Huaijin Jiang
Yilin Zhang
Haohua Li
Xinyang Feng
Xunfeng Huang
Huiting Wang
Jinpei Li
Tingxuan Ren
Jiayi Zhou
Yang Yang
Mimu Chen

Project Support

PI who gave us valuable advice and opinions

Hanyan Quan (headmaster of Guangdong experimental high school)

Honglei Jin (Professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)

Project Advisers

Project adviser who gave us some advice to make our project better

(1) Jiahua Zou&Human Pratices & Wiki Construction

(2) Kaiwen Zhou & Slides Making&Art Design

(3) Jing Yao &Human Pratices &WikiConstruction

(4) Zhirong Chen &Modeling& Wiki Construction

(5) Mingwei Shao &Experiment& Wiki Construction

(6) Shuang Miao&Experiment &Wiki Construction&Human Pratices