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With Zhejiang University of Technology(ZJUT-CHINA)

In this year, the iGEM team ZJUT-CHINA provide a useful and ingenious disease detection kit with cell-free system. At the initial stage of project design, we contact with each other since both of our teams use the in vitro transcription and translation system. We exchanged our experience of using different systems and some experimental data. Moreover, we exchange inspiration and some experimental material in some of our experiments.

With Tongji University (Tongji_Software)

The Phage Map of Tongji_Software is an excellent project to help predict phage therapy for superbugs, based on the sequence correlation between bacteriophages and bacteria. Since June, Tongji_Software has been providing modeling support and education inspiration for XJTLU, while XJTLU has been providing experimental verification and HP inspiration for XJTLU. All in all, thanks to the similar project contents, the two teams provided suggestions and help for each other's projects in education, modeling, human practice and other aspects.

Mini Jamboree and the letter of SYN BIO

We held a mini jamboree and made a series of mini poster called “The letter of SYN BIO” with several other iGEM teams: Duke University, Duke Kunshan University, Ulink, Neycslf, wright state university, and IISER Berhampur. We introduced our project of this year and decided to make an education material “The letter of SYN BIO”, each of our teams made a postcard with words starting with one of the letters in “SYN BIO” and briefly describe them.

CRISPR application guide

We participated in an CRISPR session and work as co-creators of CRISPR application guide with several other teams including Tianjin University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, etc. This application guide introduces the basic theory of CRISPR Cas system and the project of our teams. At the same time, the guidance summarized the problems related to application of CRISPR Cas that we met in the process of design and experiment, while each problem is accompanied by possible solutions from other teams or the team who pose the problem themselves.

With iGEM team XHD-Wuhan-Pro-China

On August 16, 2021, we met with the iGEM team XHD-Wuhan-Pro-China online. Firstly, we introduced our programs to each other and decided to help each other by promoting each other’s programs in our official accounts, online articles, and school presentations. Moreover, as both of our teams’ projects are related to food, we help them ask the food regulatory authority some questions and give them feedback. Meanwhile, we recommended the software MATLAB to improve their model construction.