Team:Think Edu China/Team

Member introduction

Who are we?

The Think_Edu_China iGEM 2020 team consists of a group of passionate high school students from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Bejiing, Nanjing, Shanghai, and aboard. We all have exuberant enthusiasm in the field of biology and also strong determination in solving some problems the world is facing. Solidarity and friendship are the main character that can represent our team. Throughout the course of project, a lots of innovative inspiration was sparked!

Suyi, Liu (Amy)

Hi guys, I'm Amy, and currently a senior in Basis international School Shenzhen. As an individual, I am interested in all things that are related to "life". While my insatiable curiosity always drive me to explore new things, from the smallest unit of life to the vast universe. I devoted myself into the world of biology for this competition, and was inspired to many innovative ideas that I have never thought about before. For this competition, I play a role of the team leader and genuinely gained a lot from it!

Zihan, Zhang (Andrew)

My name is Andrew. I’m a tenth grader from Vancouver Canada. Currently I’m studying in St Georges school. I have done a few programs about environmental science and biology engineering. I enjoy reading articles and watching science fiction movies. I attended a couple science summer camps in the past which we did some programs about lactose intolerance and E coli in the past. I learned many knowledges and enjoyed a lot. I am the vice-captain in the group.

Ruochen, Liao (Jack)

My name is Liao Ruo Chen, I’m living in the ShenZhen, and I’m 15 years old. Now, I am studying in the ShenZhen senior high school. I like play the tennis, and football. I always enjoy the sport with my friends. I am a student who like the biology very much. When I was a child, I want to know all the thing about the structure of the animals and the human. I always wonder how the human body work, and why the fungus wants to destroy the other animals.

Jinhao, Guo (King)

My name is King, I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Shenzhen. I am currently in Harrow international school in Shenzhen as an older most student in harrow, is participating in many events like debating, football as in soccer. I have my band. The reason why I am interested in the project that we’re doing is that I wanna become a surgeon someday in the future and therefore this project about the reduction of sulfadiazine residues, sort of a beginning in my medical research/carrier.

Tong, Ye (Teresa)

My name is Ye Tong or you can call me Teresa. I am a 15 years old girl from Guangzhou China. I am very enthusiast about this experiment and I think I can finish the work successfully with my team members.

Zhuohua, Li (Angelina)

I am Li ZhuoHua and my English name is Angelina. I am a grade10 student from SCIE. I have been studying biology on Khan Academy as a spare time activity. Biology study fascinates me on account for my interest in molecule and atom level as well as the structure of animal body.

Kaiting, Jiang (Kitty)

Hi everyone, this is Kitty. I’m from China and I’m study in Guangzhou. Observing the nature and doing experiments are the things I would like to do when I am free. Also, I love doing sports, especially boxing, badminton and swimming. Thanks to IGEM I can have such a great experience in attaching biology field and I hope we can all have a great time!

Zhaoyang, Che (Eric)

Hallo everyone, Here is My Che Zhaoyang or Eric from China. Currently, I am 17 years old studying in Shenzhen Foreign Languages School. I like travelling, playing video games as well as studying (not true hhh). Also, I enjoy studying chemistry and biology, but I am exceptionally good at math. I have done some scientific research activity on human immunity. I am a person with a rich spiritual world and often have some strange ideas. Meanwhile, I am also a person with delicate feelings and can understand others very well. I am passionate about world peace and the harmonious development of all ethnic groups.

Junhe, Yang (Daphne)

I am Daphne Yang and I am currently a Grade 11 student in Toronto, Canada. Being born and raised in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, China, I was deeply influenced by the Cantonese culture, which helped shape me into an energetic, humble, amiable, and responsible person. I am interested in behavioral neuroscience as it is a relatively new yet critical field of study. Through iGEM 2021, I am excited to embark my journey in biochemistry and get to know a lot of amazing friends who share the same interest!

Yulin, Chen(Charlie )

My name is Charlie Chen, and I'm from BIPH, which is also known as Hui Bei. I think this competition is pretty competitive with a high academic level and interesting. I am very interested in studying genes. I used to take part in the Olympic competition like USABO BBO, and got some meddals.

Shibo, Huang (Andrew)

My name is Andrew Huang, from Beijing, 17 years old. I am cheerful, modest, self-discipline, I am willing to help others, I can use the knowledge I know, and strive to complete my work. I usually like playing basketball and collecting sneakers. In my spare time, I like to play basketball with my classmates and talk about sneakers.

Wangyu, Su (Norton)

My name is Su Wang Yu, I’m 16 years old now. I lived in Nanjing and study in Nanjing Foreign Language School. I like playing basketball, also very interested in Biology.

Qicheng, Wang (Lucas)

My name is Qichen Wang, you can call me Lucas, and I am from Jinan, China. I immigrated to the United States with my parents before my sophomore year of high school was over. I am currently a senior in high school in the United States. I will be starting my college applications soon and my future major is in business.