Team:Shanghai Metro HS/Safety


Laboratory Rules
Before carrying out any lab work, each member of Ceres must follow the rules below strictly:
        ● wear a lab coat
        a lab coat protects team members against any contaminants, e.g. chemicals, bacteria… in order to reduce the level of health risks.
        ● wear a mask
        mask prevents team members from contaminants that might get into their respiratory system.
        ● wear a pair of nitrile gloves
        Nitrile gloves protect team members’ hands from contamination. Gloves also ensure that all equipment in the lab will not be contaminated by a team member’s hand, which eventually produces a reliable experiment outcome.
Laboratory Supervision
Ceres’ wet team had a coach, Ms. Song who guided us through the whole project as well as supervised all procedures. On the very first day in the laboratory, she gave us a laboratory safety training section and introduced us to every single lab equipment that we will use throughout the project period as well as the guidance to use them. Before we started off an experiment, she introduced every chemical involved and analyzed the potential risks associated. We also had a teaching assistant who help supervised our works and ensured neither dangerous action nor high-potential risk around.
Microorganism Safety
In our project, we only use escherichia coli BL21 which is commonly used in the laboratory and little harm to human bodies.