Team:Shanghai Metro HS/Fundraising


To raise funds to support our project research and associated promotion activities, we have designed peripheral products related to the subject content for sales, so that more and more people can know about our project.
Our team has designed and customized a series of peripheral products, including key chains, mirrors, masks, throw pillows, earrings, stickers, and canvas bags with our logo or cartoon images.
We also designed brochures and roll-up banners for display and promotion.
Women mainly purchase key chains, mirrors, and earrings, while throw pillows and canvas bags are daily necessities, with a broader target group. In addition, masks are also an essential item for people due to the epidemic situation, so stickers can be put on the product packaging to promote peripheral products in the local area better.
Although due to COVID-19, some teammates can only attend online meetings, they have designed most of the peripheral products. They overcome the difficulty of jet lag, keep communication with their offline teammates, and make many exquisite designs.
We go to shopping malls or places where people gather to sell peripheral products on the sites. We first went to Changtai Square, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and we observed that it was a large flow of people in the evening. After that, we asked the stall owner to get the commercial phone number of Changtai Square and contacted them by phone. We learned that all the vendors were rented out. Then we reached Moon Bay Shopping Mall in Hongkou District, Shanghai. They told us that there was no market recently so that we couldn't rent this vendor. Furthermore, we searched for much information from Microblog, Little Red Book about the vendor renting. After making a series of search activities containing an on-the-spot investigation, phone contact, WeChat contacts, and we finally determined Dimei Shopping Center, Huangpu District, Shanghai as our bazaar location.
However, we were forced to cancel the charity sale at Dimei Shopping Center due to the epidemic. Then we contacted a nearby office building where many high-quality companies gathered. We set up a vendor at the elevator entrance and placed rolled-up banners beside it. Many workers stopped by the elevator entrance to ask about our topic and were very interested in our peripheral products. In communicating with these staff, we proliferated the impact of our project.
All the peripheral products we ordered have been sold out, and our family and friends all like our products very much. So then we added some popular products, such as throw pillows and masks.
After completing all the charity sales activities in the surrounding area, our income reached 2193 RMB, which supported most of the activities of our team.
In the process, we have experienced many things. Many things are the first time, including searching the information about vendor leasing on the internet, contacting the vendor leasing party, calculating the cost of various channels, and selling our peripheral products to passers-by. At the same time, we have learned a lot from promoting our topics. To sum up, it is a rare experience in life and a great growing experience.