Team:Shanghai Metro HS/Collaborations


Grain-Fed+ (Shanghai_City_United)
Our team collaborated with Grain Fed+, another team from Shanghai, which shares a similar topic with us. We specialized in improving the silage for ruminants while they tried to enhance the feed for monogastric animals. We decided to collaborate on the promotion video to publicize both topics together. We first shared some conceptions and ideas online via WeChat voice chat. Exchanging ideas with each other allows us to have a better understanding of each other's topics. Later, through offline, face-to-face communication, we further realize our concept.
Here is our co-produced promotion video with Grain Fed+(Shanghai_City_United)
FlavoneLabRouse (Shanghai_HS_United)
Our team collaborated with FlavoneLabRouse, a team from China. Learning about their project is about promoting the degradation of flavonoids in the human body. Since their team has already finished most of the content on their Wiki website, their team shared experience about fundraising, business plan design, and teamwork. Their experiences in designing and selling peripheral products are constructive. They also tell us about their business plan: yogurt of sale that helps the human body degrade flavonoids. We both agree that our analysis is practical by discussing the advantages and difficulties in their project and ours.