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Team Members
Ceres’ Wet Team
Ying Jin (Crystal)
My name is Crystal Ying Jin and I am the captain of the wet team. I always encourage communications and corporations within the team and thanks to all my teammates, all the work was done efficiently and under an enjoyable atmosphere. I am very into neuroscience and pharmacology. I dreamed of inventing a new antidepressant which has minimum side effects. I enjoy reading crime fiction in my spare time.
Yuqi Jiang (Lucy)
Lucy is the team’s expert of gel preparation. From SDS PAGE gel for protein testing to agarose gel for DNA, she is the one you can always count on to get some gel done and dusted.
Nahari Fukuga
Fukuga is the Tokyo SHSID kid with ultimate passions in negotiating and studying the experiments. Or we may just call him as the AG kid, which is the abbreviation for “acute gastroenteritis” where he caught this acute inflammation for 5days and had to rest for a long time after this offline training. Besides of these nonsense, in the group, Fukuga is the eminent negotiator that performed as a glue stick mingles and congregates other team members. After experiments, Fukuga is always “asking for the moon” and learning detailed particulars from coaches. At last, by Fukuga acting as the “Elmer’s super glue”, our team harmoniously accomplished our works.
Ye Sun (Susie)
Susie is from Shanghai. She must be one of the hardest members in our team because she is always doing her homework either during rest time and after class. According to Susie, her skin problems became stubborn due to the useless and torturous work of the school, which means that it cannot be eliminated by the mask. But Susie is also the most active person to record the experiment process.
Qin Xiao (Miya)
Hi! I am Miya. I am currently a high school student in Guangzhou. I am interesting in biology and health related major for college. I also enjoy participate in sports events such as volleyball and tennis games. Sometimes doing so much sports makes me not like a person who want to study more biology in the future, but I will always take it important. Cuz that’s the easiest way to keep healthy and make our lives thrive.
Yingzhe Xia (Mark)
Mark is a very active member of the team Ceres, he is very interested in biology and he is very passionate towards everyday lab work. He is keen to help anyone with any problems. He has extremely outstanding English speaking skills and he takes the hang of representation of our project to people really well.
Shichun Zhang (Nina)
Hi everyone! I'm Shichun Zhang, but I'm more commonly known as Nina. I'm from China, and I'm a junior at Carlucci American International School of Lisbon. I'm passionate about journalism and music. I love writing news articles and performing with my school's orchestra. I also enjoy reading and gaming when I have time. Since I could not return to China this summer, I worked with my teammates remotely online, where I was mostly responsible for the wiki. My interests are in pharmacology, and hopefully, one day, I can become a research scientist, and I hope to gain lots of experience throughout the process of competition.
Yifan Qi (Jennifer)
I am Qi Yifan, English name is Jennifer, I am 18 years old. I am introverted. When I first meet, I feel very cold, but in fact, after I get familiar with me, I will find that I am like a madman. Many people around me evaluate me as a little sun, because I can always bring happiness to others. And I am still a very friendly person, and I am very willing to listen, And give some suggestions to others or help them solve problems together. When I help others, I will be very happy. At the same time, I will work very hard. I will make a plan for myself and strive to complete the plan every day. I am very interested in biology. I can't read mathematics or literature for a few hours, but let me study papers on biology, I can stay for hours without rest, and sometimes I even miss dinner. I really love biology.
Ceres’ Dry Team
Zixiao Luo (Annie)
Hi folks, this is Annie from Shanghai. I am a tenth grade currently learning at Qibao Dwight High School. Physics, economics, and visual art are my major academic subjects in IBDP. Most of the time, I am mainly responsible for the design of peripheral products and logos for publicity. Watching TV series, movies and playing video games with friends are the best ways for me to relax in my free time. In team works, I love cooperating with team members and participating in all types of team tasks. I hope I could learn a lot from this project and learn to be a great teammate. I soon believe our team will be successful as we are made up of talented teammates and cooperate really well.
Shuyu Gu (Shunnie)
Hi everyone. I am Shuyu Gu from Chang Zhou, Jiangsu province, China. I am currently an A-level student studying at Farlington School in the UK. I am interested in business, especially in marketing and finance. This is my first time joining a team and working together on a project that helps me improve my cooperation and problem-solving skills. I also grab a lot of knowledge from the Bio-chem aspect. At last, I hope our team will get a good result.
Jingya Huang (Annabel)
I'm glad to introduce myself. My name is Jingya (Annabel) Huang from Beijing, China. I am a grade 11 student in the International Department of Beijing No.80 high school. What's more, I am a science student, mainly studying mathematics, physics, and chemistry, which are all related to this iGEM project. In addition, I like to browse short videos and watch some documentaries in my spare time. I am mainly responsible for the publicity part of the project. I am honored to meet a group of like-minded partners and complete the task together. Finally, I hope more people can pay attention to our project.
Qianqi Wang (Selina)
Hello, everyone! My name is Selina from Guangzhou, China. I am studying in high school, and I am willing to study Marketing at the university. By attending this game, I hope to have a deeper understanding of Marketing, and I can learn some useful skills from my teammates and teachers. Competition is an exciting but growing thing. I hope my teammates and I can work together and progress together in the iGEM competition.
Weiye Shao (Amy)
Hey guys, my name is Shao Weiye, and you can also call me by my English name, Amy. I grow up in Shanghai, China, and study in Shanghai Nanyang Model Private School, which is a BC system school. I am currently a grade-10th student, and I am interested in economics, social studies, and marketing these academic subjects, so I participated in the 2021 iGEM competition. Besides, I usually like swimming and playing frisbee in my leisure time. I will go to the university of Canada and want to apply for business. At last, I hope to work hard with my team and finally achieve a satisfactory result.
Zhihong Zhang (James)
Hello everyone! My name is Zhihong (James) Zhang from Shanghai, China. I am an eleventh-grade student from Minhang Crosspoint High school. In my life, I spend a lot of time rowing and reading books, especially science fiction novels. I am always interested in the academic field of social science and the natural environment. I am grateful to be a dry team member of Team Ceres in 2021iGEM. By participating in this program, I wish to improve my researching skill and leadership. Besides, as a member of the dry team, I believe I will learn from my teammate in various aspects, including knowledge of business and marketing and social skills. Overall, iGEM will certainly teach me a lot.
Hanyu Wang (Henry)
What's up, folks. This is Hanyu (Henry) Wang from Shanghai, China. I am currently studying at Shanghai High School International Division. Mathematics, computer science, and economics are my strongest subjects. By participating in this competition, I am able to make designs and analyze the supply and demand of the market around us, which allows me to put what I have learned from the textbook into practice. Apart from applying textbook knowledge to the real world, I also fully display the advantages in my hobbies of broadcasting and dubbing. I can apply professional tone and voice to the interviews to match the formality of corresponding sections. As a member of iGEM Ceres, I also value the collaboration of the team. Using effective communication skills, we can go through the tasks more smoothly, improving the quality of the products and the work efficiency.
Shu Chu (Michael)
Hey guys! I'm Michael Chu from Shanghai. Now I'm studying at Ningbo Huamao International School, taking IBDP courses. I take Economics, Physics, and Music, making myself an interesting guy (physics is my favorite). I'm a big fan of several rock bands, and I also lead a music band in school. I'm honored and glad to cooperate with my dry team members because we are all hardworking and friendly. I play the role of researcher, writer, and joker. I hope to get a deeper understanding of economics and learn more research skills in this game. That's so cooooooool.
Dake Chang
Hi everyone, my name is Dake Chang, and I grew up in Beijing. I currently live in Montreal, Canada. I am 19 years old. I am in grade 12. Biology and Physics are my favorite subjects. In my spare time, I like to play basketball. I am very proud to participate in this iGEM competition. I have already learned a lot from this iGEM activity. I hope I can contribute to the team, hoping the team can get a good result.
Zeping Wang (Samuel)
Hello everyone, my name is Samuel, and I am a cautious and rigorous little boy. I like reading books very much. Although sometimes I may seem a little withdrawn because I don’t want to deal with complicated relationships, I am actually very willing to help others. I often chat with my good friends, and we fantasize about many wonderful things together. In school, I was particularly prominent in chemistry and physics, and teachers often praised me. In this competition of iGEM, I hope I can give full play to my abilities and do my best to assist everyone in completing the task.
Xinran Yu (Irisin)
Nice to meet you! My name is Xinran Yu, a 17-year-old girl with imagination and curiosities. I am from Beijing, China. My target future major is computer science. I am going to take physics and chemistry next term to qualify for my dream academy. Drawing and paintings are one of my favorite hobbies. I started painting by phone and iPad last summer. Now, I can design images, especially animation figures, by using my devices expertly. I have designed two logos and some patterns of peripheral products for our team Ceres. I also came up with some awesome titles and slogans for the articles in the official account of Ceres. It is a tremendous pleasure for me to play my specialty and contributes to my team. I hope our team Ceres would do well all the better in the next few days.
Qian Wu (Sophia)
Hello, everyone! My name is Qian Wu (Sophia), China. I’m studying at ST Teresa High school for A-Level courses in the UK right now. Physics, maths, and further maths are my major subjects. I am keen on watching documentaries, especially science about animals. However, this is my first time integrate into a team cooperate with lots of students and enjoying that. Besides, I learned various biochemistry knowledge from our teamwork. It’s my pleasure to meet so many partners. All in all, I wish our project can bring benefits to people’s life.
Zehao Zhong (Zeke)
Hello everyone, my name is Zeke, from Guangzhou, China. I am in my sophobe year, in my life, I read a lot of famous works which makes my literary level higher than my peers. And I am very interested in information technology understanding, very grateful to be a member of our team in 2021 I GEM, through this competition, I hope to improve my interest in the natural sciences and personal ability, as a copy editor, I promise to give team-mates the best text description support.