Student Leaders

Ruiyue Chen

Ruiyue is shenzhen University advanced Research Institute third grade students, is a look very reliable, in fact, very reliable boy. If you are in trouble, he is sure to come and help you. He has a lot of novel ideas, and they always come true when he thinks them through.

Yifan Sun

Yifan, a senior majoring in bioengineering at Shenzhen University, is enthusiastic and optimistic and always brings laughter to his team. As a student of grade four, he needs to work harder in the experiment. He has served as the leader of several organizations in the school. He is good at communicating with people and always cares about those around him.

Siyang Yu

Siyang is a sophomore majoring in Biological Science in Shenzhen University. She has excelled in study and is very conscientious and responsible. Although she is a sophomore student, she always learns more than others because of her strong learning ability. Dancing is her specialty, dancing on stage and experimenting off stage, she can always play two roles well.
Team Members

Fanyu Guo

Fanyu is a senior student at the Advanced Research Institute of Shenzhen University. She looks very cool. She had worked hard on bioinformatics, and although she still had a lot to learn, she was a responsible girl and had no problem with modeling. In the team, she often shows a humorous side.

Shan He

He Shan, a senior majoring in mathematics and applied Mathematics at Shenzhen University, is a quiet looking girl. She knows a lot about modeling and web building. She often said that she was not very capable, and we know that good people are so modest. She has a weakness for good food, especially milk tea.

Yan Huang

Huang Yan is a junior majoring in biotechnology at Shenzhen University. Biology is his interest and he always has unique opinions about it. This is the second year he has participated in IGEM, and his competition experience and experimental skills have undoubtedly brought great help to the team. He is always curious about things, which is a good thing, I believe he can achieve better results in the biological field in the future.

Xiaojun Lin

Xiaojun is shenzhen University biology science normal major third grade student, she looks quiet, but is a cheerful girl. She is mainly in charge of the team's art, and can always draw dazzling works. She seems to be familiar with the forms of various creatures, no matter what she draws, it is not too hard for her.

Yi Liao

Liao Yi is a senior student majoring in nursing at Shenzhen University. She is also majoring in advertising. Her rich professional knowledge makes her do a particularly good job in HP. She always has novel ideas, feasible solutions, and efficient action. Whether it's interviewing, shooting videos or writing articles, she can do it well.

Zixin Liu

Zixin, a sophomore majoring in biotechnology at Shenzhen University, is a quiet student who always shows another side when doing what she likes. She has a passion for biology, but she is still trying to learn. She loves to eat, and I hope her passion for biology will remain forever.

Yilin Mo

Yilin is a beautiful, confident sophomore majoring in molecular and Cell Biology. She is interested in web building, which she uses as her motivation to learn. She is studying abroad now, so she is good at using English. She likes to share interesting things with people around her, we all like her very much.

Jinyan Ou

Jin Yan is a sophomore student majoring in biotechnology in Shenzhen University. She is a lively and lovely girl. Her small body has great energy and is always motivated to learn new knowledge. She may still have a lot to learn about biology in her second year, but she is confident she can master it well.

Danhong Wen

Danhong, a third-year biotechnology major at Shenzhen University, is the most reliable person. Indulge in doing experiments, you can always see his busy figure in the laboratory, perhaps this is true love. He is always ready to help others.

Yuxiang Xiong

Yuxiang is a sophomore student majoring in pharmacy in Shenzhen University. He is a boy who loves life. He was trained in medicine, but he seemed to know a thing or two about everything else, including biology. He has extraordinary attainments in table tennis and can often be seen on the table tennis table.
PI & Instructor

Primary PI
Weizhao Chen

Prof. Chen is the instructor of our team. He has a rigorous teaching attitude, unreservedly impart knowledge to students, stimulate students to think. He is very kind and friendly with his students. If you are lucky, you can see him playing with students in the table tennis hall.

Secondary PI
Yiming Yin

Dr. Yin is the vice president of research and development of Shenzhen Xbiome Biotechnology Co. LTD, mainly engaged in the research and development of innovative microbial drugs. He is approachable, pointing out our shortcomings and encouraging us from time to time.

Ning Zhu

Dr. Zhu is a technical researcher at Shenzhen Xbiome Biotechnology Co. LTD, mainly engaged in genomics and gene editing related work. She is very kind and patient to answer our questions.

Rongsong Ling

Lings is a man of great humor. He is very good at using computers. He has an unusual ability in modeling and building wiki.

Ying Xu

Xu Ying is a girl with insight in the field of modeling. She is an optimistic and cheerful girl because she has a strong sense of curiosity about new things.

JieLin Li

Jielin is an idealist and molecular-biology enthusiast. She never stopped self-study and has the ambition of having achievement in the field of biology.

Gefei Li

She is a very cheerful girl with rich experience in iGEM competition. As a medical student, she has always had novel ideas about synthetic biology.

Mingyue Luo

He is a boy with great ambition. He always has his own unique views on biology and hopes to make greater achievements in this field.

JiaQi Tang

He is a calm boy with a comprehensive mind. Not only did he make achievements in the field of biology, but also he was very good at communicating with people.

Wenxi Li

She is a girl who always comes up with new ideas with a passion for discovery. She's trying to make life better through synthetic biology.

Xiaoli Long

Xiaoli is a lovely girl who likes smiling. She enjoys dipping into branches of science that she knows nothing about. She is gifted at artwork design. She is skillful and she has a strong self-learning ability.