Team Members

Siyang Yu
Siyang Yu
Student Leader

One of the team leaders, responsible for the management of the whole team and the daily management tasks of the laboratory. She organizes field trips. She participated in the characterization experiments of LL37, heat shock protein and triclosan resistance, and participated in the design and human practice. She is also responsible for organizing the daily work of the laboratory.

YiFan Sun
Yifan Sun
Student Leader

One of the team leaders, responsible for the management of the entire team. He is responsible for all cell related experimental operations and design. He provides detailed planning and action guidelines for human practice and educational activities from the outset of the project.

Ruiyue Chen
Ruiyue Chen
Student Leader

One of the team leaders, responsible for the management of the entire team. Responsible for all hardware related experiments. He designed all the faecal sampling devices and tested their function. He organized external communications and participated in the design and execution of HP, including expert interviews.

Yan Huang
Yan Huang
Experiment Member

He proposed and designed the whole project and planned all the experiments that needed to be done. He participated in experimental operations on the production of superoxide dismutase and butyric acid, and also processed and analyzed the data for this part of the analysis. He also participated in the docking of experimental and modeling groups.

Dabhong Wen
Danhong Wen
Experiment Member

He participated in the experimental design of cholate saltlyase. He is also involved in experimental operations on cholate saltlyase and butyric acid production. At the same time, he assisted in completing many cell experiments and was responsible for data analysis of this part.

Zixin Liu
Zixin Liu
Experiment Member

She mainly participated in the experimental operation of superoxide dismutase, heat shock protein and triclosan resistance. She also completed the performance validation and evaluation of acid promoters. She is also responsible for managing the team's expenses.

Jinysn Ou
Jinyan Ou
Experiment Member

She has been involved in LL37, heat shock protein, triclosan resistance and suicide switch experiments. She was also involved in human practice.

Yuxiang Xiong
Yuxiang Xiong
Experiment Member

He was mainly involved in the construction of lactobacillus plasmid and the experimental operation of Nissle 1917 electrochemical transformation. He also assists the team in processing data. At the same time, he is also responsible for the shooting of promotion video and presentation video.

Fanyu Guo
Fanyu Guo
Modeling Member

She is mainly responsible for building experimental models and web pages. She is also responsible for the web design work between the artists and the web team.

Shan He
Shan He
Modeling Member

She is mainly responsible for building experimental models and web pages. She also assisted the experimental group in analyzing the results.

Yilin Mo
Yilin Mo
Wiki Member

She is mainly responsible for building the website. At the same time, she also provided the introduction and dubbing work for our promotional video.

Yi Liao
Yi Liao
Human Practice Member

She is responsible for the organization and practice of the entire human practice and educational activities. She built the entrepreneurship part of the project and write the business plan. She is also responsible for conceptualizing and shooting promotional videos, as well as running the team's social media accounts and design some materials.

Xiaojun Lin
Xiaojun Lin
Design Member

She is mainly responsible for the graphic design of team posters and web pages. She has also designed and produced promotional materials such as the "Big Protein Synthesis" game, educational manuals and the "IntesiNO" card game.


Weizhao Chen
Weizhao Chen

Mr. Chen is our principal PI and the initiator of brainstorming. He organized students to brainstorm ideas and spared no effort to support the team. He is a key figure in Shenzhen University and very affable.

Yiming Yin
Yiming Yin

Dr. Yin has provided many cutting-edge research findings for the microorganisms used in our project, provided us with a platform for measuring butyric acid, and provided physical and facility support for our cell and hardware experiments.

Conghui You
Conghui You

As an important director of our project, we are advised to carefully consider the issues of gene expression intensity and prevention of plasmid loss.

Instructors & Advisors

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Ning Zhu

Dr. Zhu is a professional in product development, judging the feasibility of our projects, advising on gene expression methods and experimental protocols.

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Beixin Mo

As a professor and associate dean of the College of Life Sciences and Oceanography at Shenzhen University, Dr. Mo provided us not only with advice on the project, but also with financial help.

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Yu Yu

Dr. Yu is an assistant professor at the College of Life Sciences and Oceanography at Shenzhen University, and she has given us a lot of support in terms of experiments and funding.

Mingyue Luo

Mingyue is our advisor who has participated in 2018 iGEM and has a bunch of experience on how to solve problems during the experiment. He assists us a lot and spares no efforts to help us.

Rongsong Ling

Rongsong provided technical support for team members in mathematical modeling.

Jiaqi Tang

Jiaqi is an undergraduate student from Shenzhen University who majors in biotechnology. He has extensive experience in designing processes and Human Practices designing, and has provided us with many suggestions.

Ying Xu

Ying Xu is our advisor. She has rich professional knowledge in modeling and helped us successfully complete the modeling work.

Wenxi Li

Wenxi is our advisor. She taught us the basic operation of the laboratory and laid a solid foundation for the smooth development of our subsequent experiments.

Jielin Li

Jielin is our advisor. She often comes to the lab to guide our experimental work and gives us a helping hand when we need help.

Xiaoli Long

Xiaoli is our advisor. She provides us with a lot of learning materials about modeling, which makes it easier for us to build the model.

Gefei Li

Gefei is our consultant in human practice. She provided clear ideas for human practice activities of our project and gave us a lot of suggestions and help.


Shenzhen Xbiome Biotech Co., Ltd: Provided cell assay technology
Shenzhen University General Hospital: Provided professional advice on the treatment of IBD
Ms. Qi: Helped us visualize IBD
Dr. Feng Juerong: Introduced the status quo of IBD treatment in China and offered us some ideas about new treatment directions
Nurse Fuyan Chen: Provided us with a possible treatment for IBD patients
Dr. Hao Huaijie: Has taught us a lot of professional knowledge about cell experiments
Dr. Yulong Zhang: Gave us professional suggestions for future mouse experiments
Dr. Huang Song: Provided technical guidance for our capsule making
Will: Gave us full guidance in activities such as BP writing and EDU
Dr. Yu Tingting: Made many suggestions for our project and helped determine the final form of our product from a clinical perspective

Experiment Module

In order to complete our experiment, most of the team participated in the experimental work. Huang Yan designed and conceived the whole experiment, and Dan Hong, Siyang, Yuxiang, Jinyan and Zixin all participated in the experiment. From the key therapeutic targets and target genes of IBD to the subsequent experiments to verify the characterization results, all the experimental group members participated in the gene expression verification experiment in bacteria. Ruiyue designed and completed the hardware experiment. Yifan also designed and completed the characterization of bacteria in the cell experiment, Danhong is also involved. The experiment obtained many effective results under their efforts!

Human Practice Module

Yifan was the first to give the whole outline of HP, and Siyang, Ruiyue and Liao Yi were also involved. In order to build a platform for iGEMers to communicate with each other, Siyang, Yifan, Ruiyue and other team members jointly organized the 5th South China Exchange And Intestinal Conference. Liao Yi organized several community intestinal knowledge popularization activities and education activities for the whole population, as well as interviews with professionals related to enteritis treatment. Meanwhile, she was responsible for photography work in various activities together with Yuxiang. Xiaojun designed and produced the game and cards of "Synthesizing Large Protein", and completed our intestinal brochure together with Liao Yi and Ruiyue. Thanks to them, our human practice has many more highlights under the premise of successful completion.


In order to predict the expression effect of the components and the final working efficiency of the suicide switch, Fanyu and He Shan constructed a variety of mathematical models, combined with the effective data obtained in the experiment, to achieve scientific prediction results. At the same time, they also designed a model that can be used to analyze patients' symptoms in the mini-program that we will launch in the future.


This year, Fanyu, He Shan and Yilin set up our website together, and Xiaojun was mainly responsible for the design of the website. They were the main force behind the creation of the web page and spent a lot of time with us discussing the final form of the web page. All the members participated in the preparation of the web page.

Promotion Video

For our promotional video, Liao Yi directed and did all the shooting, while Ruiyue and Yilin were responsible for video explanation. Most of the team members participated in various work of video shooting.

Directors: Yi Liao, Ruiyue Chen
Copywriting: Yi Liao
Videographer: Yi Liao
Subtitle: Ruiyue Chen
Editor: Yi Liao
Voice actor: Ruiyue Chen, Yilin Mo
Stage Supervisor: Yuxiang Xiong, Siyang Yu, Jinyan Ou, Danhong Wen
BGM: Melting Now!

Presentation Video

Speakers: Siyang Yu, Ruiyue Chen, Shan He, Yi Liao, Yifan Sun, Jinyan Ou, Danhong Wen
Copywriting: Siyang Yu, Ruiyue Chen, Jinyan Ou, Yi Liao, Yifan Sun, Danhong Wen
Art Director: Xiaojun Lin
Videographer: Yuxiang Xiong, Ruiyue Chen, Yifan Sun, Yi Liao, Jinyan Ou, Siyang Yu
Editor: Yi Liao, Renze Wang
Director: Yi Liao,Yuxiang Xiong,Siyang Yu
Subtitle: Ruiyue Chen


Thanks to our soul man, Victor Chen, who guides us to run our team smoothly. Not only did he give us advice on various parts of the game, he also helped us connect with the people we wanted to interview. What's more, without the sponsors he found, we couldn't have finished our project. We would also like to thank Miss You Conghui, Dr. Yin Yiming and Dr. Zhu Ning, for their generous professional advice and support.

With the help of Teacher Chen Weizhao, we successfully carried out the project. In the whole project design and later application practice, Teacher Chen gave us many valuable suggestions, which made our team's exploration process much easier. In addition, he also helped us contact partner companies, giving us the opportunity to meet with key people in the company face to face, which enhanced our project. We also want to thank professor You Conghui, Dr. Yin Yiming and Dr. Zhu Ning. Without their professional guidance, we could not have completed our project well.

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