Market Requirement

IBD is a global disease. Reliable statistics show that there is a large population base of IBD in developed countries, while the number of IBD patients in developing countries is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose and cure IBD, so the prevention and treatment of IBD has become an urgent task. Although the incidence of IBD is low in China, the prevention and treatment of IBD are still very important in China. With the efforts of various countries, the treatment of IBD is becoming more and more perfect, and the mortality rate of patients is also decreasing year by year.


For this disease, the best treatment is to receive professional treatment in the hospital, so we position our products at the level of adjuvant treatment. Since the treatment of IBD is a very long process, the patient's condition may have small recurrence during this process. Therefore, we applied our products and services to IBD patients who have received professional treatment but have not fully recovered. They can take our products for treatment according to their actual conditions, and gradually return to normal life.

Product Forms & Application Method

In order to be able to present our product in a form that is more acceptable to patients, we conducted interviews with IBD patients and finally decided to make our product into a pill. We have designed our four target genes into four powders, wrapped in the pill, so that patients can take the drug according to their own physical conditions, to achieve the effect of cocktail therapy.


In addition, we also designed a hardware that can help patients collect feces and send them to professional institutions. Through the detection of feces, we can feedback the actual physical condition of patients, so as to infer the type and dose of drugs that patients need to take. And what we've found is that this kind of testing, drug treatment, retesting, can create a cycle that gives patients continuous optimization. Based on this, we made a demo diagram, hoping to launch an APP in the future when time permits. Patients can upload their stool test results, which will be analyzed and given the most suitable type and dose of drugs for the patient in the near future. At the same time, we also contacted professional dietitians and psychologists to provide the patient with suggestions on daily diet and possible psychological needs, so as to help the patient gradually return to normal life.

Product Safety

As for the safety of the product, E.coli BL21 (DE3),E.Coli DH5α,E.Coli Nissle 1917 and Lactococcus lactis are all identified as risk group 1 with low potential risk through DSMZ verification. We also designed two kinds of suicide switches. One is BBa_K3142014, which targets the body. The other is BBa_K116401, which is specific to the environment. Finally, they can prevent bacteria from straying into other areas of the body or entering the environment to cause harm.

In summary, we have designed an adjunctive drug capsule that can relieve symptoms of IBD patients. Combined with our hardware, we completed the concept of circulatory system to provide patients with live detection and targeted treatment. With the help of professional doctors, we built the blueprint of patient health management software, hoping to provide patients with physical and psychological help in the future.


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