A group of students from SCUT in Guangzhou came up with an idea to alleviate the scourge of mosquitoes. In inspiration, we skillfully used Baidu index big data analysis, investigated the official data of the WORLD Health Organization and EPA, and known a new mosquito repellent ingredient--Nootkatone. In the conception stage of our project, based on the rise of biological manufacturing and synthetic biology, we considered from three aspects: the selection of chassis cells, the identification of synthetic pathways and how to increase yield, so as to build a cell factory with high yield of Nootkatone and to realize our Nootka-Boom!

basic ALD4p BBa_K3772006 Han Zonglin
basic PDC1p BBa_K3772007 Han Zonglin
basic SED1Lp BBa_K3772008 Han Zonglin
basic ZWF1p BBa_K3772009 Han Zonglin
basic CDC19 BBa_K3772015 Han Zonglin
basic ENO1 BBa_K3772016 Han Zonglin
basic PDC6 BBa_K3772017 Han Zonglin
basic SED1S BBa_K3772018 Han Zonglin
basic SOL4 BBa_K3772019 Han Zonglin
basic TDH1 BBa_K3772020 Han Zonglin
basic TEF2 BBa_K3772021 Han Zonglin
basic ALD3 BBa_K3772022 Han Zonglin
basic TKL2 BBa_K3772023 Han Zonglin
basic TPI1 BBa_K3772024 Han Zonglin
basic M1 BBa_K3772038 Han Zonglin
basic M2 BBa_K3772039 Han Zonglin
basic M3 BBa_K3772040 Han Zonglin
basic M4 BBa_K3772041 Han Zonglin
basic M5 BBa_K3772042 Han Zonglin
basic M6 BBa_K3772043 Han Zonglin
basic M7 BBa_K3772044 Han Zonglin
basic M8 BBa_K3772045 Han Zonglin
basic M9 BBa_K3772046 Han Zonglin
basic M10 BBa_K3772047 Han Zonglin
basic HPO(cytochrome P450 hydroxylase) BBa_K3772035 Xiaoyu Wu
basic VS(valencene synthase) BBa_K3772005 Xiaoyu Wu
basic AtCPR(cytochrome P450 reductase) BBa_K3772036 Xiaoyu Wu
basic ADH3(alcohol dehydrogenase) BBa_K3772037 Xiaoyu Wu
basic SAG1t BBa_K3772014 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite PDC1p-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772010 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite ALD4p-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772011 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite SED1Lp-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772012 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite ZWF1p-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772013 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite CDC19-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772025 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite ENO1-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772026 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite PDC6-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772027 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite SED1S-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772028 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite SOL4-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772029 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite TDH1-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772030 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite TEF2-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772031 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite ALD3-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772032 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite TKL2-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772033 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite TPI1-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772034 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M1-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772999 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M2-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772060 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M3-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772061 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M4-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772062 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M5-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772063 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M6-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772064 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M7-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772065 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M8-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772066 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M9-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772067 Xiaoyu Wu
Composite M10-VS-SAG1t expression cassette BBa_K3772068 Xiaoyu Wu