· Zeng Hui: The leader of the team,responsible for whole wet lab,mainly engineering, parts and experiments

· Cai Lanxin: The sub leader of the team, responsible for whole human practice, education, collaboration and partnership, mainly on contacting with stakeholders and interviewing

· Wu Jingxing: Responsible for whole dry lab,mainly focus on Machine Learning and promoter optimizing,offering idea on each model

· Han Zonglin: Responsible for education and entrepreneurship and parts,mainly focus on the entrepreneurship of our project

· Liu Yaoming: Responsible for education, human practice and notebook, mainly focus on the education to students

· Yang Chenyi: Responsible for whole human practice and education, mainly focusing on fermentation-related issues and industrialization

· Wu Xiaoyu : Responsible for mainly safety, parts and human practice, is the one who in charge of the safety throughout the project

· Gao Huaiji: Responsible for code implementation and implementation of genetic algorithms

· Chen Junlo: Simulation of fluid stance in fermenters and construction of metacellular automata

· Tang Chuanqi: Responsible for wiki design and art works.

· Luo Shan: Responsible for site building

· Zhang Xiaotong: Responsible for site building