Mosquito repellent in the country is mainly based on flower lotion, and flower lotion initially as a perfume, after more than a hundred years of development, has become a household name of mosquito repellent products, now the types of flower lotion is also more diverse, the ingredients in flower lotion is also more diverse, from the initial several kinds of mosquito repellent ingredients, developed into a variety of functional active ingredients today, not only can repel mosquitoes, but also to reduce swelling and pain, and even can be taken orally to prevent heatstroke. At present, the main domestic mosquito repellent production company has a lot of, such as six gods, Lonely Heart, Eleuthero, but without exception, the main domestic mosquito repellent are poor repellent effect, some repellent in the main ingredients and mosquito avoidance amines and other harmful ingredients, on the other hand, mosquitoes around the single repellent gradually produced resistance, to a certain extent, so that more consumers have a demand for mosquito repellent turned to use the effect of strong But more harmful mosquito incense, or mosquito repellent bracelets without any repellent effect.

Ultimately, it is the strong desire of consumers to repel mosquitoes, hoping to try more ways to repel mosquitoes. Although there are so many mosquito repellent water for consumers to choose, but in the consumer, there are also such as the elderly, infants, pregnant women, and other sensitive people, the strong mosquito repellent ingredients have more serious physiological discomfort, or there is a certain amount of skin irritation, or a potential threat to long-term physical health. Therefore, consumers are most concerned about the safety and effectiveness of mosquito repellent water two main aspects, and many mosquito repellent manufacturers in order to cover up the main mosquito repellent ingredients of toxicity and irritation, often adding other Chinese herbal ingredients to divert the attention of consumers, to alleviate consumer concerns about safety, so there is a market for vulnerable people and physiologically sensitive people of high efficiency mosquito repellent will be the whole Repellent industry has far-reaching impact, on the one hand, it is conducive to consumers to get cost-effective and safe repellent, on the other hand, it also stimulates and promotes the innovation of the repellent industry. This is also the original intention of NOOTKA-BOOM.


Customer Discovery: As we learned that mosquitoes are far more harmful to human health than we thought, we decided to seek solutions from the perspective of personal mosquito repellency, and we found that after conducting a large number of questionnaires, almost all of the respondents had experienced mosquitoes, and many conclusions were drawn from the attitudes of the public that overturned traditional perceptions - -For most consumers, they value more the effectiveness and safety of mosquito repellent products, and we also learned that among many mosquito repellent products, the most popular is mosquito repellent, not mosquito coils and electric mosquito repellent, so we thought of perfecting the shortcomings of existing mosquito repellent to meet the current consumer expectations of the vacancy.

Demands determination: Considering the use of mosquito repellent products, the identity of the respondents are different, in answering the questionnaire will make different choices, here we divide the special survey subjects for pregnant women and other vulnerable people, as well as family members containing vulnerable people respondents, in order to find the right positioning, the largest beneficiary of the problem, while further determining the source of the demand, to provide us with the target of the population to solve the problem, in order to facilitate the later Purposeful collection of more accurate feedback.

Blueprint conceived: After the problem is clear, we hope to create value for society by combining what we have learned. We hope that we can achieve the same results when we produce it in the factory, but we need to conduct market research, solve commercial issues such as product marketing, and plan the follow-up work before we can start production.

Trail products: Before our products are officially introduced to the market, they need to be tested for their effectiveness over a period of time, especially in real life applications. Although most of our products need to be certified by authoritative testing agencies before entering the market, we believe that in order to maintain and solidify the competitiveness of our products, it is also important to have our products certified and tested by agencies for consumers to experience and give their valuable feedback before mass production.

Trigger point: When our products after a period of trial period to recover a certain amount of effective feedback, and we optimize our products and services based on feedback, we will contact and bargain with shopping malls and raw material suppliers, and ensure that our products can be sold in the trial period stage does not appear out of supply or stagnant, we will sell our products regionally, while further expanding the scope of recovery feedback We are committed to collecting feedback from users as a spur to our own product quality and responsibility to consumers.

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Before we started our business plan, we did sufficient analysis on the form of the development of the bio-manufacturing industry, which helps us to learn from the experience of the rise of other industries when we promote roundup ketone in the Chinese market, and also helps our company to further explore the market after its establishment, understanding the hot and painful points of today's bio-manufacturing industry is a must for companies to find their own positioning, for this reason, we analyzed and summarized the The development form of bio-manufacturing industry today.


Skin-friendly: Nootkatone has rather low possibility to induce allergic reaction

Effective: With the same concentration of the main ingredients of mosquito repellents, the best repellent effect is achieved by nootkatone

Affordable: High yields allow for significant cost reductions


As we have done relatively complete market research so far and we have mastered the method of high yielding nootkatone, our dilemma as far as the current situation is concerned is the lack of capital. In the initial stage of our project, we plan to get some funding sources by participating in other entrepreneurship-related competitions, but this is far from what is needed to start the business and put the plant into operation. For this reason, we need to further improve the project and further make more efforts in R&D and downstream purification process of nootkatone to get more recognition and attract investment from the society.