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We created short and long hairpin structures to let plants express double strain RNA (dsRNA). The whole basic genes can be divided into three parts, which are sense, loop and antisense. Sense and antisense part will anneal after transcription. The loop provides space for the mRNA to bend. After mRNA hairpin structure completes, Dicer cuts the loop part and annealed mRNA, resulting in several siRNA.

Plasmid and essential parts

We used pHANNIBAL and pBI121 to complete our project. Both of them contain CaMV 35S constitutive promoters. However, terminators are different. pHANNIBAL contains OCS terminator, while pBI121 includes NOS terminator.


Name Description Length
BBa_K3835000 long hairpin for Prx gene 2165 bp
BBa_K3835001 long hairpin for BxPel gene 2303 bp
BBa_K3835002 long hairpin for Prx gene (short version) 1485 bp
BBa_K3835003 long hairpin for BxPel gene (short version) 1485 bp
BBa_K3500002 CaMV 35S constitutive promoter 346 bp
BBa_K3835004 OCS terminator 707 bp
BBa_K1537031 NOS terminator 253 bp

Table1. long hairpin sequence, promoter, and terminator


Table2. shRNA sequence


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