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A novel way to solve pine wilt disease

Pine wilt disease is caused by specific nematodes--Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. These kinds of nematodes appear in North America, Europe, and East Asia. Pine trees in many places are in this hazard. According to statistics, B. xylophilus in Taiwan caused more than 5,000 hectares of pine forests to die, and lost over 20 million USD, causing huge losses and harming our forests severely. They are harmful to many tree species and spread quickly. Many countries have been affected by B. xylophilus, but no effective method has been found to prevent pine wilt diseases so far.
We aim to generate a kind of pine tree that can synthesize siRNA that encodes important gene information to B.xylophilus, such as targeting related to reproduction and pathogenicity. As soon as the nematodes uptake plant cells, siRNA generate by pine trees will destroy genes that significantly influent the survival of nematodes.
Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a kind of bacterium that can infect plant cells and transfer a particular sequence of their DNA to the plant cells by infection. By transferring the particular gene fragment into a plant cell, plant cells get the ability to generate siRNA, which is our weapon to degrade genes of nematodes. As long as the nematodes uptake plant cells, siRNA travels into the intestine system then diffuses into the body. Eventually, RNAi plays their role, depress the reproduction and pathogenicity of B.xylophilus.

what are we doing

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  • Description

    We introduce the problem we want to solve and the solution we come up with in this page.

  • Design

    How we edit the gene of E. coli with three main target gene, making it more porwerful for our purpose.

  • Contribution

    We achieve the methods of QD detect and improve E. coli survivability.

  • Future work

    We have three steps to make our project more potential. Go to the page to see how it works.

  • Engineering Success

    We transform our target gene and successfully and verify its expression and fuction by experiments.

  • Proposed Implementation

    We make a plan with three stages. Also we aim to sell our product to companies and wastewater treatment factories.

Why is the pine wilt disease so important

Staus At Present
  • 5,000 hectares of forest

  • 20 million $ economic losses

  • Harmful to most soecies of pinus

  • No efficient solution

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