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iGEM ambassador call

Date : 2021.03.19

The call held by iGEM helped our team choose the project we are going to do. In this call, the host explained the central idea of iGEM and rules we need to follow. At the same time, our team was confused about choosing a project which is easier to finish but without creativity or another project which is difficult but more creative. After participating in the call, our team chose the latter project. The reason is iGEM is a competition that cares about using new ideas to solve problems we had instead of a competition that needs to finish the whole project that others had already done. That’s why we chose solving Bursaphelenchus xylophilus as our project.


NCTU_Formosa virtual meetup

Date : 2021.03.26

Due to the COVID-19, the meetup is the only virtual meetup we have. The meetup took place in the campus of NCTU. We shared the idea of our project and gave our opinions about improving each other's project, so did NCTU_Formosa. The suggestions NCTU_Formosa gave us include checking whether using B. xylophilus is available or not and making sure that the RNA plasmid we designed can get into the pine callus. On the other hand, opinions we give to them mainly focus on the project they may work on. With suggestions NCTU_Formosa gives to us, our project gets closer to completion than before.


Taiwan seminar

Date : 2021.07.03

In this seminar, we met almost all of the iGEM teams in colleges of Taiwan. We explained what our project is doing and the human practice we will have to do. Surprisingly, our project attracted many people asking questions. Most of the questions are regarding the safety of using B. xylophilus and we had explained it in safety. And it is delightful to know that there are many iGEMers in Taiwan.



Date : 2021.08.01

Our team took part in the iJET collaboration video. It is regrettable that we can’t meet each team from the world in the Jamboree, but with a smaller paper plane, it tied all of the teams in this activity together.


NCKUxCCU synbio seminar

Date : 2021.08.22

We learned a lot in the seminar held by NCKC and CCU. First of all, we understood the judging way of the iGEM committee more than before. Little do we know that it is more important to get success in part of the project instead of finishing the whole project. What’s more, the team leader of 2019 NCKU_Tainan came to share their experience with us. It is our pleasure to learn from her. In this committee, we confirmed the direction we are going to work on. Thanks to the team of NCKU and CCU!



NCTU_Formosa online meetup

Date : 2021.08.22

This meet-up is mainly about how to form the partnership between NCTU_Formosa and us. For NCTU_Formosa, they needed us to collect and analyze the saliva of our school's stray dogs in order to provide the true environment for their product -- Denteeth (dental bone for pets). For us, we needed them to lend us the plant growth chamber and helped us with conducting qPCR of nematodes.



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