Team:NMU China/Part Collection

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Naval Medical University CHINA


Our part collection has been designed to synthesize CAR-Ms with specific phagocytic function. The chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) includes protein molecules in extracellular, transmembrane and intracellular domains. We have characterized four different intracellular segments of CAR-M which is believed to be very instructive for the constructing macrophages with different phagocytic intensity and phagocytic specificity. The components of our collection are as follows:

Name Type Description
Extracellular domains BBa_K4040019 Coding CR3022 scFv
Transmembrane domains BBa_K4040004 Protein_Domain CD8 hinge
BBa_K4040007 Protein_Domain CD8TM
Intracellular domains BBa_K4040000 Protein_Domain Intracellular Domain of the MEGF10 Protein
BBa_K4040001 Protein_Domain Intracellular Domain of the MERTK Protein
BBa_K4040002 Protein_Domain FcRγ
BBa_K4040003 Protein_Domain CD3 zeta chain
Composite part BBa_K4040015 Composite CAR-MEGF10
BBa_K4040016 Composite CARγ
BBa_K4040017 Composite CAR ζ
BBa_K4040018 Composite CAR-MERTK