Team:NMU China/Medal Requirements

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Naval Medical University CHINA

Medal Criteria

BRONZE All criteria must be met
Number Criteria Our Job Details
1 Competition Deliverables We have completed the following Competition Deliverables:

  • Wiki
  • Presentation Video
  • Judging Form
2 Attributions We have described the work our team members did and other people did for our project.
3 Project Description We have described how and why we chose our iGEM project.
4 Contribution We have made a useful contribution for future iGEM teams. We have added new documentation to an existing Part on that Part's Registry page
SILVER All Bronze criteria must be met, plus all Silver criteria must be met
Number Criteria Our Job Details
1 Engineering Success We demonstrated engineering success in our project:
We design a series of synthetic receptors and use macrophage cell lines to test the function of these new Parts. This achievement is distinct from our Contribution for Bronze.
We achieved engineering success can be by making an effort to follow the engineering design cycle:
Design → Build → Test → Learn → Design... Engineering We designed and built a series of new Parts and show that it works as expected (documentation must be on the Part's Pages and the Page of Enginneering success.
2 Collaboration We have collaborated with 2021 iGEM team(s) in a meaningful way. Please see Collaborations for details.
3 Human Practices We have explained how our work is responsible and good for the world. Please see Human_Practices for details.
4 Proposed Implementation We have explained how we will implement your project in the real world. Please see Proposed Implementation for details.
GOLD All Bronze and Silver criteria must be met, plus at least three (3) Gold criteria must be met
Number Criteria Our Job Details
1 Integrated Human Practices We have demonstrated how our team responded to our human practices reflections, research, and engagement. We also showed how our activities impacted our project purpose, design and execution. Please see Integrated Human Practices for details.
2 Improvement of an Existing Part We have made some new Parts that improves the function of an existing Part. This improvement is distinct from our work for Bronze and Silver medals.

We have entered the Existing Part Number and the New Part Number in their Judging Form.
We have improved this part : BBa_K3132016 and the best New Part is BBa_K4040028.
3 Project Modeling We have used modeling to gain insight into how our project works or should be implemented. Please see Model for details.
4 Proof of Concept We have expanded upon our Silver medal work for Proposed Implementation and develop a proof of concept for our project. Please see Proof_Of_Concept for details.
5 Partnership We have collaborated with the team LZU_China throughout the year and this partnership should go beyond a Silver medal collaboration. Please see Partnership for details.
6 Education & Communication We have developed and implemented education, science communication, and outreach materials related to synthetic biology. Please see Our Education & Communication for details.
7 Excellence in Another Area This year, team NUM_China made Entrepreneurship contribution to the iGEM. This is demonstrated as the Excellence in Another Area related to synthetic biology. Please see Excellence in Another Area for details.