Team:NMU China/Attributions

Combatting COVID-19
Naval Medical University CHINA



2021 is a tough year for everyone, and we sincerely thank all those who once contributed to our project.

Principal Investigators

Professor Lei was responsible for the administrative work of the team and controlled the overall progress of the project.

Professor Hu gave full guidance to the experiment of the members. Without him, our experiment could not have gone so smoothly.

Secondary PI

As a senior engineer, Dr. MAO gave advice on the wiki and art design of our project.


Wenyan Fu was responsible for guiding our literature search and HP work.


Tian Li has abundant laboratory experience. He often worked with us in the laboratory and gave us a lot of guidance.
Qing Meng As a student majoring in biotechnology, Meng Qing helped us in many ways, especially the basic concepts of synthetic biology.

Medical Professionals

Dr.Li ,director of Infectious Disease Department, whose affirmation made us firmly carry out our project.
Professor Dong head of the Respiratory and Critical Care Unit. We are grateful to him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet us. And his advice, combined with his experience on the front lines of fighting COVID-19, was invaluable to us.
Immunology professor Qian expert of Immunology, whose view on the need to balance the body's immunity deeply influenced us. And he also pointed out that the early stage of the COVID-19 infection is carried out in a mild way.
Meng Guo , a professor at the National Key Laboratory of Immunology who is engaged in cell therapy research, gave us valuable advice on CAR structure construction and IL-6 receptor design.
Juan Du,a hematologist in Changzheng Hospital, has developed mature cell therapy mainly for hematoma. Therefore, Dr. Du taught us the cautions of current clinical application of cell therapy, inspiring us to think about the practical application details of CAR-macrophage therapy and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations.

Financial Expert

Mr. Gao , director of Investment Banking Division of Guosen Securities, gave concrete suggestions to our proposed business plan for CAR-macrophage therapy, which made us totally confident in the future commercialization of this therapy.


Kun Li supervised the work of the wiki and presentation team, and was responsible for the output of part of the manuscript and the director of the video. An accompanying photographer in the human practice.
Mengmei Zhu accomplished some of the parts construction and parts documentation.She filled out the safety form and other parts of wiki. She also participated in the wok of Human Practice.
Tianzhen Hua helped in writing wiki script and making presentation video, devoting to the accuracy of all scripts and documents.
Xuan Wang was responsible for presentation and answering questions from the listeners in CCIC. And she also participated in the preparation of homepage,design and human practice part in the wiki.
Huanxiao Shi prepared and introduced the poster in CCIC. She participated in presentations. She was also responsible for the homepage and Human Practice parts in the wiki. She helped in the promotion video as well.
Tong Yin took part in parts constructions, parts documentation and some of the experiments as well. And she also participated in the preparation of protocol and notebook part in the wiki.
Tiantian Zhang was responsible for the work of Human Practice . She did project background check and social surveys ,interviews with professors and experts , cooperation with other item teams and public education.
Shuya Jiang participated in the work of Human Practice.She created feedback loops between their creation and the world.She also contributed in whether the project was ethical and safe.
Jiali Lin was the principal of Human Practices and had full passion for collaboration issues.She was mainly responsible for wiki of integrated HP, collaboration and education, improving the communication between public and specialists. Additionally, with a wealth of experience in seminars, Lin held several meeting between iGEM teams and reaped an amount of valuable feedback to promote the program.
Hanting Shen was responsible for the illustrations of wiki page and the production of animation images in the video.
Yu Ding prognosis is responsible for the improvement and optimization of the model. She communicated with Lanzhou University on the model and made improvements.
Yuanye Zeng was responsible for the construction of the team's wiki and the production of the presentaion video.
YuXi Ji helped us with some of the art work and gave us a lot of good feedback on the page design.
Suyao Wang helped us complete the science communication in the United States. She promotes our projects and the basic concepts of synthetic biology to her classmates.