Team:NDNF China

Halting in track

There is no denying that synbio is a hugely potent field.


it is appearing unlikely for engineered bacterial strains to function in the wild "amongst us" any time soon.

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AND the road ahead

We present Hidro

——a hydrogel system enclosing engineered bacterial strains.

Hidro has three outstanding features:

1. Biosafety: biocontainment efficiency higher than 10^-10;

2. Stability: works even under extreme environments;

3. Traceability: efficient Trace and Control driven by CRISPR-Cas12a and kill switch.

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The Great Power from Hidro

Hidro is what enables engineered strains to work in a safe, stable and traceable way.

It will promote synthetic biology applications beyond the laboratory and let engineered microbes say hi to the world!

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Discouraged by the sobering reality of engineered organisms?

Explore our project in more detail and open your eyes not to "what is", but "what could be"!


Using Hill function as a basis, we discovered a relationship between caffeine concentration and level of output.

Feel free to explore our modelling for details.


Safety was of top priority in our project,

Check out our lab webpage for more, as well as our protocols and notes.

Human Practices

Scientific research cannot exist in a vacuum.

We believe it is equally, if not more important, to engage ourselves in conversation with related governmental departments, the public, and other iGEM teams.


Last but not least...

Meet us,

a team of 15+2,

brought together by our love for synbio

and intent on making the world better for all!