Team:NDNF China/Team

Jingyi Guo

Team Leader/HP/Modeling

“Use your gifts and dreams for good.” For in the river of time, we are only messengers.

Chenhao Xu

Team Leader/HP/Modeling

Hi there. It’s my great pleasure to be here, introduce myself to you. My name is Xu Chenhao, and Xu is my family name, while Chenhao is my giving name. And the reason why I post this introduction here is because I was looking for a chance to meet many beautiful companion who love synbio very much just like myself. In addition to Biology, I also like basketball and swimming.

Yumo Chen


Hi, I’m Yumo Chen, a team member of 2021 NDNF_China. Now, I am a Grade 11 A-Level student. This is my first year participating in iGEM. I am working on math modeling, human practice, project design and biology experiments. Other than iGEM, I enjoy playing Guzheng and swimming.

Tianhao Wang


If you ask me what is the best thing about iGEM, I would say that everything was new for me. The experience of being in such a big team and working together for this long, the challenge of reading recondite English papers, and even synthetic biology itself was a brand new topic for all of us. I have also tried lots of new things that I then found I am good at or interested in, including writing scripts, being a director, doing molecular biology experiments and coding.

Lehan Xia


There’s a million things I haven’t done, and I know that in some measure I will never be satisfied. My goal is to live like every day is my last, because we’re all running out of time, and we can’t never stop writing our stories.

Tianshu Wang


Hi! My name is Angelina, a student who has trouble introducing herself. Almost all of my friends say that I get very excited when I talk about biology, traveling and drama, and other times I only think about delicacy! I enjoy my time in the laboratory, but in the face of different tubes and “liquid”, I still hope my partners can forgive someone who experimented for the first time if she made mistakes. I dream a moment for me to be a scientist who can travel around and for our HIDRO to come out to the world.

Guangzhen Zhu


Hi, this is Rebecca! I am currently a grade 12 student at BHSFIC. I joined iGEM simply because I want to know more about biology and was appealed by the project our team chose to do. I am always willing to do something to help people benefit from synthetic biology, the topic we chose to study is exactly what I am interested in. I learned much more than I thought from iGEM, not only related knowledge about synthetic biology, but also cooperation and possible direction about development of biology in the future.

Zeyun Rui


Hi, I’m Evelyn, a student who interested in studying bio&chem, playing tennis and piano. It’s my honor to join iGEM and participating in the project with my wonderful teammates!

Qiuyue Chen


I see life as a voyage of discovery, and I am Captain Cupid. I’m Qiuyue Chen. My peers call me Isabella and my mom calls me Cupid. People say I'm a little naïve and childish, but I think it's because I am optimistic and living in the bright side. I’m very creative. I love painting, photographing and writing. I love to explore the scientific details beyond everything in my life. Scientific precision makes me feel comfortable and safe.

Xinyi Xu


“Efforts lie, but efforts are never in vain.” I am passionate about the world and is willing to get to know, explore and try everything I am unfamiliar with. That is also why I chose to act as the reporter in the promotion video. This iGEM traveling has already helped me to manage a new understanding of bio-safety, legistration and etc. I hope that I can do my best to give contributions to NDNF_China by utilizing what I have learned.

Tianyou Liu


Hello everyone, I am Tianyou Liu. I am responsible for HP and creating an active atmosphere. I like reading, running, listening to last century music and just hanging around, of course, my favorite thing is to do something. I hope to complete this "funtastic" project with everyone and create value for the world. My favorite sentence is: in the face of difficulties, let's not be afraid, muster the courage to face it, go on, Aoligei!

Yueran Fan


The process of continuous experiments in the laboratory brought me the quality of perseverance and clear logical thinking. I am very happy that I met my team members in the course of the iGEM project. We work together on the project to achieve our ultimate goal. Participating in iGEM not only brings me professional knowledge in biology, but more importantly, I understand the importance of unity and cooperation. The qualities iGEM brings to me will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Yuhan Chen


The intoxicating beauty of biology bonds us together. Just like I am interested in the subtle connection between people in our social lives, I am also immersed in the delicate secrets among microorganisms. iGEM is a gift for us to create our our own project and embrace the incredible biological world.

Junang Wang


Hi, everyone who is watching our Wiki. I am from Beijing No.4 High School International Campus. In my leisure time, I like reading books about popular science and genetic engineering. I’m not sure how my classmates will describe me because in this year, I changed a lot. IGEM is a place that allows me to realize my dream of working in a lab. This experience helps me to recognize the direction I am going to focus on.

Songgao Shan


I am Songgao Shan, a member from NDNF_China. Personally, I think I am the rookie in my team. However, I have great interest in synthetic biology and I did my best in our project. I handled art designing part, human practice part and experiment part. I work with my teammates and accomplish my missions. I would always try to be hard-working. I dream that in the future, humans can completely utilize their brain and our civilization could expand to other planets.



My name is Yujie Zhao, you can also call me Elise. I'm the instructor of NDNF_China.

Fankang Meng


Hi, I am Fankang Meng, the supervisor of NDNF_China. I love synthetic biology. In my PhD, I am aiming to develop synthetic tools or systems to explore the infinite possibilities of bio-design. I also love space exploration. I hope that maybe one day, I can apply synthetic biology to help us become a multi-planet civilization.