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  In iGEM, the biobrick design and mechanism are always described in graphs, animations, and words. We believe there is another way for people to grasp the idea and concept of synthetic biology and biobrick. Thus, we create bio-MUSIC-brick, to describe biobrick through different melodies and atmospheres. Our ultimate goal is to make a short melody of each biobrick element. Users can recombine the order of each element freely and generate a new biobrick design also its unique piece.
  Besides, in our opinion, science is not dull and tedious. We make our design graphs into souvenirs, proving scientific visions can also be aesthetic and functional at the same time.


  Vision is not the only way for people to understand things. Through music, we can realize what story the composer wants to tell by listening to melodies and experiencing various atmospheres the author created. We take advantage of the narrativity of music, perform an acoustic description of our biobrick design. We mark different parts, functions, and mechanisms in various colors. To make people understand it without any pressure, we also put brief explanations of the melody on the sheet music.
  We also put the music playing mp3 under the piano sheet music. Feel free to click on it and enjoy the music!
  The first melody we composed was about the background of our project. Through this melody, you can imagine a happy dog walking lightly and energetically. But the emotion turns into sadness and sorrow after the pitiful dog feeling discomfort after getting periodontal disease. We marked "happy emotion" with blue color and "sadness emotion" with orange color.

Figure 1. Project Background (You can click to download PDF)

  The next piece we composed was about our biobrick. We make unique melodies for functions and mechanisms, and mark them with various colors. Every melody has different meanings.
  During the constitutive promoter expression, we use a repetitive rhythm to represent the "constitutive" feature of the promoter.
  When the 37°C induced RBS was induced, we create a climbing melody to indicate the ascend temperature.
  At the point of AHL combined with LuxR, we compose an ascending tune together with a declining one, the two melodies eventually become the same note, presenting the combination process.
  Since Plux and Ptet promoter was regulated by other materials, we make up the promoter theme in Canon to show the relationship of the regulations. In music, a canon is a contrapuntal compositional technique that employs a melody with one or more imitations of the melody played after a given duration. Using canon is the best way to describe the regulation process in music.
  When LL-37 antimicrobial peptides start to inhibit the growth of bacteria, a peculiar rhythm was composed to describe the process. After the number of bacteria back to normal range, the melody becomes comfortable and enjoyable again.
  At the end of the piece, when BMP2 and STATH finish the repairing process, we compose cadence to denote the end of our biobrick function.

Figure 2. Biobrick (You can click to download PDF)

  We are constructing a melody pool by composing more and more themes for each biobrick element now.
  Users can select elements from the pool and combine them freely. No matter what elements people choose and combined, the melody of the element can generate a new piece. They can create their biobrick designs more sensitively and uniquely by this method, and experience the sensory journey different from vision.
  Moreover, we want to make the music pool become open source. After adding more music of fundamental biobrick elements, we will open the gate and let everyone freely add and edit the bio-MUSIC-part, just like iGEM Parts!


  In our opinion, science is not dull and tedious. We make our design graphs into merchandise, proving scientific visions can also be aesthetic and functional at the same time! We create a wide variety of iGEM merchandise, include cloth, pin, lfolder, towel, and canvas bags, to promote synthesis biology and let more people know iGEM. We communicate with other iGEMers and show off our iGEM spirit with this series of merchandise! Get a move on seeing these fine products!

iGEM 2021 NCTU_Formosa Cloth

Figure 3. T-shirt Design Layout

iGEM 2021 NCTU_Formosa Pin

Figure 4. Pin Design Layout

  The design concept of the pin in the dodecagon resulted from having six members in our team (twelve is the multiple of six). The stars in the pin represent our vision of looking forward to the futurity!

iGEM 2021 NCTU_Formosa Lfolder

Figure 5. Lfolder Design Layout

iGEM NCTU_Formosa Towel

Figure 6. Towel Design Layout

iGEM NCTU_Formosa Canvas Bags

Figure 7. Canvas Bags Design Layout

  The design concept of the canvas bags contains all features of iGEM, which can evoke all iGEMers' empathy. When facing people who didn't hear iGEM before, we also can introduce iGEM through the canvas bags.

  Although we cannot go abroad this year, we drew six circles to represent our team members beside the Eiffel Tower and show our team spirit!

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