Team:NCKU Tainan/Parts


  BioBricks have always been the foundational building blocks for iGEM projects. When constructing our BioBricks, we made use of the IDT synthesis offer to generate our required parts in a fast and efficient way. Additionally, we made use of PCR amplification with our constructed expression plasmids as a template to construct several BioBricks. All of the parts contain a coding sequence, some of which extended with promoters or introns. We created a part collection comprised of 29 basic parts and 48 improved composite parts. All parts were generated during our project.

Basic parts

Name Description Type Length
BBa_R0010 lacI promoter Promoter 200bp
BBa_K156009 OFP Coding 669bp
BBa_K3071013 pspA promoter Promoter 218bp
BBa_K3771009 OmpA/OprF Chimeric Protein Coding 1110bp
BBa_K3771011 ompA promoter Promoter 303bp
BBa_K3771010 OmpA Coding 1041bp
BBa_K3771008 CSAD-6xHis Coding 1500bp
BBa_J23100 J23100 Promoter 35bp
BBa_J23101 J23101 Promoter 35bp
BBa_K3771047 PkatG Promoter 45bp
BBa_K3771048 PsoxS Promoter 85bp
BBa_K2862010 PsoxS mutant3 (Imperial) Promoter 61bp
BBa_B0034 B0034 RBS 12bp
BBa_K2918012 RiboJ Regulator 75bp
BBa_K3771100 SoxR Coding 465bp
BBa_K1321337 sfGFP Coding 711bp
BBa_K592012 RCP Coding 681bp
BBa_K3771012 CS-6xHis Coding 1275bp
BBa_K3771100 SoxR (reverse) Coding 1275bp
BBa_K3771000 JJU Coding 465bp
BBa_K3771006 JJU-6xHis Coding 1191bp
BBa_K3771001 CoaBC Coding 1221bp
BBa_K3771007 CoaBC-6xHis Coding 1239bp
BBa_K3771004 CDO1 Coding 603bp
BBa_K3771003 CSAD Coding 1482bp
BBa_K3771002 CS Coding 1257bp
BBa_K3771041 CDO1-6xHis Coding 1275bp
BBa_K864400 Ptrc Promoter 30bp
BBa_I719005 PT7 Promoter 23bp

Composite Parts

Name Description Type Length
BBa_K3771013 PlacI-ofp Composite 1090bp
BBa_K3771014 PpspA-ofp 1008bp
BBa_K3771015 PlacI-ompA/oprF 1336bp
BBa_K3771016 PompA-ompA/oprF 1439bp
BBa_K3771017 PpspA-ofp-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2352bp
BBa_K3771018 PpspA-ofp-PompA-ompA/oprF 2455bp
BBa_K3771020 PpspA-jju 1317bp
BBa_K3771021 PpspA-jju-6xHis 1335bp
BBa_K3771022 PpspA-coaBC 1365bp
BBa_K3771023 PpspA-coaBC-6xHis 1383bp
BBa_K3771024 PpspA-csad 1626bp
BBa_K3771025 PpspA-csad-6xHis 1644bp
BBa_K3771026 PpspA-jju-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2661bp
BBa_K3771027 PpspA-jju-6xHis-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2679bp
BBa_K3771028 PpspA-coaBC-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2709bp
BBa_K3771029 PpspA-coaBC-6xHis-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2727bp
BBa_K3771030 PpspA-csad-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2970bp
BBa_K3771031 PpspA-csad-6xHis-PlacI-ompA/oprF 2988bp
BBa_K3771032 PpspA-jju-PompA-ompA/oprF 2764bp
BBa_K3771033 PpspA-jju-6xHis-PompA-ompA/oprF 2782bp
BBa_K3771034 PpspA-coaBC-PompA-ompA/oprF 2812bp
BBa_K3771035 PpspA-coaBC-6xHis-PompA-ompA/oprF 2830bp
BBa_K3771036 PpspA-csad-PompA-ompA/oprF 3073bp
BBa_K3771037 PpspA-csad-6xHis-PompA-ompA/oprF 3091bp
BBa_K3771038 PpspA-cs 1401bp
BBa_K3771039 PpspA-cs-6xHis 1419bp
BBa_K3771040 PpspA-cdo1 747bp
BBa_K3771042 PpspA-cdo1-6xHis 765bp
BBa_K3771043 PpspA-cs-PompA-ompA/oprF 2848bp
BBa_K3771044 PpspA-cs-6xHis-PompA-ompA/oprF 2212bp
BBa_K3771045 PpspA-cdo1-PompA-ompA/oprF 2194bp
BBa_K3771046 PpspA-cdo1-6xHis-PompA-ompA/oprF 2212bp
BBa_K3771050 J23100-sfgfp 774bp
BBa_K3771091 PkatG-sfgfp 784bp
BBa_K3771092 PsoxS-sfgfp 824bp
BBa_K3771093 soxR-PsoxS-sfgfp 1297bp
BBa_K3771094 PsoxS-cs-6xHis 1386bp
BBa_K3771095 soxR-PsoxS-cs-6xHis 1859bp
BBa_K3771096 soxR-PsoxS-cdo1-6xHis 1205bp
BBa_K3771097 soxR-PsoxS-csad-6xHis 2084bp
BBa_K3771098 PsoxS-RiboJ-rcp-J23101-soxR 1409bp
BBa_K3771099 PsoxS-RiboJ-sfgfp-J23101-soxR 1441bp
BBa_K3771075 Ptrc-cdo1 690bp
BBa_K3771076 PlacI-csad 1708bp
BBa_K3771077 Ptrc-csad 1569bp
BBa_K3771078 Ptrc-cs 1344bp
BBa_K3771079 PT7-jju 1222bp
BBa_K3771080 PT7-coaBC 1270bp

Parts Collection

Function Name Description Type Length
Detection of Depressive Symptoms BBa_K3771048 PsoxS Promoter 85bp
BBa_K3771100 soxR Coding 465bp
BBa_K3771092 PsoxS-sfgfp Composite 824bp
BBa_K3771093 soxR-PsoxS-sfgfp Composite 1297bp
BBa_K3071013 pspA promoter Promoter 118bp
BBa_K156009 OFP Coding 864bp
BBa_K3771009 OmpA/OprF Chimeric Protein Coding 1110bp
BBa_K3771017 PpspA-ofp-PlacI-ompA/oprF Composite 2352bp
BBa_K3771018 PpspA-ofp-PompA-ompA/oprF Composite 2455bp
Taurine production BBa_K3771097 soxR-PsoxS-csad-6xHis Composite 2084bp
BBa_K3771044 PpspA-cs-6xHis-PompA-ompA/oprF Composite 2212bp
BBa_K3771075 Ptrc-cdo1 Composite 690bp
BBa_K3771000 JJU Coding 1173bp
BBa_K3771001 CoaBC Coding 1221bp