Team:NCKU Tainan/Excellence

Why would we say this?

  Throughout the season, iGEM NCKU_Tainan 2021 has designed many products and souvenirs. We are proud to say that we did all of the designs ourselves even with limited resources and budget constraints. Here are some of the final designs:

E. coli Costume

  The first product we designed is a specially customized E. coli costume! It was handmade by one of our members from reusable card boxes. Although the total length of the outfit is just 150 cm, people up to 180 cm could still wear it. This costume made its debut at NCKU Bike Festival; it successfully attracted many people to our booth.

Team T-shirt Design

  This is iGEM NCKU_Tainan 2021’s T-shirt design based on the project theme, bubble tea. On the front of the shirt is our project name MenTAUR with small decorations around the letters.

Team Coaster

  We designed coasters that would make great souvenirs. It is a small yet high-quality coaster, a practical and memorable gift for our supporters.

Team Folder

  Another tradition of iGEM NCKU_Tainan is that we design folders every year since they are practical and durable. The folders this year are bubble tea themed, and the characters are drawn by our own team members. On the backside, we introduced the team structure of iGEM.

Team Banner

  Our team banner represents us as a team from National Cheng Kung University. We took a group photo together with NCKU’s Principal, Dr. Huey-Jen Su.


  We designed a booklet for foreign nationals seeking mental health support in Taiwan.

Education Kit

  A carefully designed kit for elementary school students which contains bubble experiment kit, manual, educational grid-comic, and team souvenirs.

Four Grid Comic

  Short four grid comic for introducing synthetic biology and our project to younger audiences, such as elementary school students