Team:NCHU Taichung/Contribution



We modified BBa_K2141000 by adding an f1 ori and replacing the T7 promoter with the PR promoter, so that it can be expressed in the of E. coli, but also in Bacillus subtilis (Figure 1).

E. coli and Bacillus subtilis being broadly used, for example, 2011 iGEM team_Imperial College London Team:Imperial College London - let E.coli generate auxin able to promote plant root growth;2013 iGEM team_UNITN-Trento utilize both bacteria to regulate fruit maturity date. The transformation of BBa_K2141000 into a shuttle vector will broadly increase its application range.


Beside our team, a lot of previous iGEM teams aimed to turn waste to treasure. Such as 2019 iGEM team_ CAU_China decomposed rice straws,used the saccharified liquid to culture E. coli which can produce Astaxanthin, 2020 team_NFLS decomposed cellulose to produce glucose and afterwards employ microbial fuel cells to generate electricity.

PQQ gene can perform on E. coli by our shuttle vector pET-28aB and significantly promote E. coli growth(Figure 2 & 3). If the future iGEM teams need to use E. coli as a competent cell, our shuttle vector pET-28aB may be able to provide some help.