Team:NCHU Taichung/Collaborations


1. Conference in Taichung, Taiwan (2020)

On August 17th, our team hosted a meetup in Taichung. The main purpose was building up a stage to provide a chance for all the iGEM teams in Taiwan to share their projects by presenting and showing their posters. Furthermore, we invited Dr. ZHANG, RUI-REN, Dr. LI, DONG-YANG, who are both CEOs from the biotechnology industry, and Dr. CHEN, WEN-LIANG from iGEM team NCTU_Formosa to provide views from different aspects. And there’re a lot of teams that were invited to the conference, including NCKU_Tainan, NCTU_FORMOSA, CSMU_Taiwan, CCU_Taiwan, and NTHU_Taiwan.

This conference really gave us a chance to interact with other Taiwanese teams, and let us know we are not alone devastating in the science on this beautiful island. At the end of the meetup, we took pictures to commemorate this awesome day.

2. Online meetup conference (2021)

As the pandemic lost control, we are afraid of being unable to collaborate with other teams. However, fortunately, NCCU_Taiwan had contacted us, and invited us for the online meetup on July third.

In the meeting, we started with sharing projects. After some troubleshooting, we soon began to discuss how every team had made adjustments due to the pandemic.

After exchanging ideas, we discovered that every team showed immense dependence on technology. We were also acknowledged by new solution we never thought before.

During the discussion, all the team were paying the main attention unconsciously on the how to accomplish the HP tasks. Due to the pandemic, all of the offline interviews were delayed.

After exchanging ideas, we decided to transfer our target to the publicity which can done online, and other teams really help us out by providing some website that maintain useful information.

At the end of the conference, we truly appreciated we had the opportunity to interact with other Taiwanese teams.

3. Welcome party

At night of Intaichung Taiwanese conference, we threw a welcome party. We have prepared some little games, of course, about science. We placed cards of different traits and protosome around the room, and let every guest create a new creature by the cards they gathered.

4. Martina Book

In order to explain iGEM projects from teams in a non-technical way to people who may not have science backgrounds could understand, MTU-CORK gathered 22 teams including us to finish the Martina book. We simplified our own project into a single sentence, writing it on a given picture and then decorate it to expound our own project.