How did we contribute to helping those with diverse identities

Graphic Designs

The goal of human practices is to reach out to a wider community, disseminating knowledge in an accessible format to the public. To do this, we made graphic design posters and shared them on our Instagram page, which has 3k+ followers. We aim to eliminate prejudices in both science and IBD to encourage open and welcoming communities.

Our graphic designs are categorized under two themes: inclusion in science and IBD awareness. Our inclusion in science series included two sets: Scientists Around the Globe and Scientists with Mental Disability. In these sets, we introduced scientists from different fields and a range of time periods. We dedicated a poster to each scientist with their photo and a brief, simplified description of their contributions which is accessible and not too overwhelming to read. Our goal is to show that anyone can be a scientist, regardless of their location, ethnicity, or disability. The posters and our wide-reaching Instagram page allowed us to convey this crucial message of inclusivity.

Our second series focuses on famous people with IBD. We showed that people with IBD could be artists, athletes, and even the president of the U.S. That even with the challenges of IBD, one can still make great contributions to society. In addition to a brief description of each person, we also include a motivational quote that they have said pertaining to IBD and life. These quotes show that IBD is not something to be looked down upon; rather, it is a challenge that makes someone stronger. We created this series to both showcase the prevalence of IBD and also to encourage people to be inclusive of those with IBD.

McMaster SynBio 2021