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According to prediction model for dyeing, our team provides an online WeChat Mini Programs Dye Your Hair for querying the prediction results. Through this Mini Program, users can customize the hair dyeing process and get the predicted results quickly and conveniently. At present, this program supports the prediction of monochrome / bicolor hair dyeing results. #Design The implementation of the project is based on two parts, one is the Mini Program developmental tool provided by Wechat, which mainly covers the design of the front end of the page, and the other is the neural network prediction model installed in the background of the server, which is mainly used to output the prediction results and return to the front end to generate the corresponding image.

The details of the prediction model can be seen in the appropriate section of Model and will not be repeated here.


After you scan the two-dimensional code, a page like the left will appear. In this page, firstly you can choose the first pigment you want to dye and then choose the first pigment dyeing time. Secondly, you can choose the second pigment as above or give up using the second pigment. Finally, click the "See the outcome!". You can get the dyeing results like the right page.

I have already used the we-chat app predict a hair color. What should I do next? Oh, hardware!


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