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In the early planning of the development direction and development stage of HUST-China, we encountered the exciting news that the second iGEM team of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST) was preparing to build. As a team with 8 years of iGEM participating experience, we immediately reached a close partnership with this brand new team HUST2-China. Since it was the first time to participate in the competition, our brother team did not fully grasp the information about the competition process and regulations, so in the early stage of their team formation, HUST-China provided a lot of support to help them overcome difficulties. During the competition period of the past year, we have worked together to organize and participate in a number of online and offline activities. In the experimental stage, we exchange the progress and experience of the experiment at any time, and provide new ideas and plans for our respective experiments. We have a strong cooperative relationship with various projects outside the experiment, especially collaboration. Basically, meetings and activities in various regions can see the two teams of HUST appearing at the same time. We publicize unanimously externally and cooperate closely internally, and each of our final results contains the efforts and contributions of the other team.

Support for the team building of HUST2-China

During the project design phase, there is sufficient communication between the two teams. As a veteran team with iGEM experience, HUST-China provided assistance within its capacity for the construction of the HUST2-China team.

Communication of project design

HUST-China and HUST2-China are two teams from the same university, and this background provides great convenience for our communication. We had a lot of discussions early in the project design, and in the course of their respective project design, the two teams encountered similar problems, we interacted with each other in time, and eventually both teams found the ideal project solution.

Mutual assistance in modeling

As a brother team, we should also share experience and help each other on modeling. HUST2-China met some problems with the ion channel model. We helped them to establish an ion channel model to explore the transport of related ions and other substances on the cell membrane and the secretion of proteins.

Mutual cooperation about PV filming

The 2021 iGEM competition requires two videos: promotion video and presentation video. During the production of these two videos, HUST2-China participated in the production of our videos. From the conception of the video content in the early stage to the shooting process to the final post-processing, HUST2-China has provided various help and support. Here we once again thank the brothers for the help with our promotional introduction and final summary videos.

Mutual cooperation in the laboratory

In the experimental stage, we also had a lot of cooperation and discussions with HUST2-China. We exchanged our own experimental ideas and methods, and at the same time learned the skills in the experiment.

Meetings& activities& practices

In all kinds of important meetings and events, our two teams always appear like twins. We jointly represented the Huazhong University of Science and Technology to participate in the HZAU&HUST debate and friendly matches, communicate with the HAZU-China team, CCiC and other conferences and events. We collaborate and help each other in the communication process. In the organizational work, we learn from each other, absorb each other's good ideas and plans, and finally show a complete and powerful organizational image that can represent HUST.

The group photo of HUST1 and HUST2

Figure 4: The group photo of HUST1 and HUST2


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