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Team Members


Jiacheng Shi, Daining Gu designed and monitored the experiment of plasmid construction. Laboratory work of this part is completed with the joint efforts of Ruihan Zhang, Peng Chu, Yuting Meng, Zhichao Li, Yijin Li, Ziqi Xie, Xilin Hou, Yuzhu Zhang, Pei Liu, Chaoran Liu, Zhengkai Zhuang. Bohan Wang and Xinmin Liu were the main contributors of protein expression of Pichia pastoris. Chaoran Liu, Yuzhu Zhang, Yijin Li participated in Pichia pastoris expression experiments. Changxin Fan was responsible for the protein purification. Xin Wei, Jie Yang, Shuang Han, Yuanyuan Zeng, Wenjing Chen explored the best dyeing conditions for the hair with three natural pigments, tested the performance of the hair after perming and dyeing, and provided data for software.

Modeling and Analysis

Our excellent dry lab member Letian Gao has accomplished a lot of modeling and analysis work. He was responsible for the establishment of the dyeing model, the realization of the micronucleus counter, the simulation of the protein structures, the analysis of the mechanical properties of the hair, and the analysis of the bright light fading experiment.And Da Zhen analyzed the gene pathway how to react.

Hardware and Software

Zuoming Fu designed a fermentation bottle for Pichia pastoris and a hair dye comb, which determined the presentation form of our project’s products. He also developed the WeChat mini program named Dye Your Hair as a hardware supplement, allowing users to simulate the hair-dyeing procedure.


Jiacheng Shi was the general leader of Wiki, and he coordinated the work of Wiki. Mingyuan Cheng, Teng Wang were responsible for the design of wiki. Qilong Lai, Sicheng Wu finished the coding work of wiki. Almost all team members were involved in the writing of wiki content. Wenjing Chen, Jie Yang and Zhengkai Zhuang provided translations.

The theme of wiki is based on the iGEM Wiki Starter Pack by iGEM BITS Goa (BITSPilani-Goa India), and the site was initially uploaded via WikiSync developed by the same team.

Human Practices

Teng Wang, the leader of human practices, was responsible for the design and coordination of the whole human practices process. She also contributed to the operation of team WeChat public account, questionnaires design and organization of a series of activities. Teng Wang, Yuzhu Zhang, Changxin Fan, Jiacheng Shi, Yuanyuan Zeng, Chaoran Liu, Ruihan Zhang and Daining Gu were the main contributors to interview with relevant stakeholders. Shuang Han, Xin Wei, Wenjing Chen, Jie Yang interviewed professors for advice on experiment design.

Education & Communication and Collaborations

Teng Wang took responsibility for administrative tasks of Education & Communication. She was the main speaker of the public welfare lecture held in Beijing and presenter of CCiC. Yijing Li introduced our project for attendees in Yeast Alliance meetup.

Teng Wang, Mingyuan Cheng, Tiankai Dai, Yuzhu Zhang provided courses to primary and high school students.

Teng Wang, Changxin Fan were the main contributors in collaboration with other teams. They found the Central China Alliance and hosted Central China iGEM Conference. Xin Wei was responsible for liaison and teaming up with the "Bioethics" debate at Huazhong Agricultural University. Xilin Hou, Pei Liu, Xin Wei, Yuting Meng communicated with team members of UCAS.

Creative Work

Most of the creative work of our team was accomplished by our excellent designer Mingyuan Cheng, including the design of team logo and uniform. Mingyuan Cheng also designed the cartoon characters and scenes in wiki and presentation video comics with Jie Yang, Wenjing Chen and Ziqi Xie.

The poster of project introduction for CCiC was designed by Mingyuan Cheng, and the writing and translation of the text were completed by Teng Wang.


The novel idea of our promotion video was proposed and modified by Zhengkai Zhuang and Daining Gu. Zhengkai Zhuang was the director of the video. Together with Daining Gu, he accomplished all the administrative work. Yuzhu Zhang, Xinmin Liu,Xilin Hou, Zhengkai Zhuang, Changxin Fan,Teng Wang, Yijin Li, Shuang Han, Wenjing Chen and Ziqi Xie completed work behind the scenes.

Xin Wei, Pei Liu, Yuting Meng, Teng Wang, Xinmin Liu, Xilin Hou and Mingyuan Cheng proposed the idea and wrote the script of presentation video. Mingyuan Cheng, Xilin Hou, Wenjing Chen, Jie Yang and Ziqi Xie participated in the production of the video.


Many thanks for guidance and advice we received from our PIs and professors we interviewed. Without them we would not be able to complete such a successful project.

General Support

Our PIs Yi Zhan, Yu Zhou and Professor Yunjun Yan. Kang Ning helped us assess the viability of our initial ideas and provided us with many constructive suggestions and guidance on team running and project implementation in the whole process.

Lab Support

Professor Yunjun Yan provided us with experimental platform and materials.


Project advisors

Associate Professor Dabiao Liu

Dabiao Liu

Figure 1: Dabiao Liu

Associate Professor Dabiao Liu helped us improve the experimental method. He suggested that we use Young's modulus, stress limit, and tensile limit length as mechanical indicators to measure hair performance.

Professor Maoteng Li

Maoteng Li

Figure 2: Maoteng Li

Professor Maoteng Li answered our questions about micronucleus test of Vicia faba root tips cell and provided insights to help us carry out follow-up experiments.

Associate Professor Tie Ke

Tie Ke

Figure 3: Tie Ke

Associate Professor Tie Ke provided instructional guidance for micronucleus test of Vicia faba root tips cell.

Researcher Jiangyun Wang

Jiangyun Wang

Figure 4: Jiangyun Wang

Researcher Wang Jiangyun provided suggestions on Quantum Dot Labeling.

Associate Professor Jun Hu

Jun Hu

Figure 5: Jun Hu

Associate Professor Jun Hu made helpful suggestions on experimental methods, and answered our questions about quantum dots.

Dr. Xiao Yi

Xiao Yi

Figure 6: Xiao Yi

Dr. Xiao Yi provided us with suggestions on the experimental design of large-scale pathways and heterologous yeast chassis expression.


Shi Wang

Shi Wang

Figure 7: Shi Wang

As the member of 2019 HUST-China, Shi Wang helpd us finish the online teaching video and modify some PowerPoints for us.

Yuanxing Shi

Yuanxing Shi

Figure 8: Yuanxing Shi

The undergraduate student of College of Life Sci.Tech. He helpd us do some experiments.

Shuhan Dai

Shuhan Dai

Figure 9: Shuhan Dai

As our safety officer, she taught us the lab rules and shared us her experience about experiments.



Figure 10: HUST2-China

We maintained a good relationship with HUST2-China and helped each other during the whole season.

(For detailed information, please refer to Partnership)


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