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Human Practices

Abstract of Human Practice

Perming and hair dying have become a big fashion trend, but the existing perm and hair dye is easy to cause irreversible damage to the hair. The chemical raw materials in the perm and hair dye cannot be ignored to health and environmental hazards.

Throughout the progress of the project, we not only regard Mr. Tony as an interesting and systematic application, but also take a responsible attitude towards the world and constantly think about how to contribute to environmental protection and personal health.

Before the beginning of the project, we were deeply aware of the importance of people-oriented and the combination of theory and practice. Therefore, the dialogue with all sectors of the community runs through our project. The whole HP follows a rigorous logical order in line with the project process, which is divided into four parts: finding and analyzing problems, formulating implementation plans, carrying out and evaluating the project, and broadening the impact of the project.

Mind Map

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01 Discover and analyze the problems

At present, perming and dyeing hair has become a trend and a new trend of beauty. However, in China, the popularity of perming and dyeing is not as expected. Many people have the desire to improve their image by perming and dyeing, but it has not been realized in the end. After consulting the information, we found that there may be the following reasons: first of all, the most common chemical hair dyes on the market will cause considerable harm to the human body; secondly, the domestic public may have a certain degree of prejudice against the exaggerated styling; in addition, the potential value of the plant hair dye market is great, but the market share is very low.

In order to solve the problems above, our team decided to develop a healthy, humanized and reversible integrated ironing and dyeing product. While solving the problems, the plant dyes we choose have also achieved an environmentally friendly breakthrough and contributed to the world's environmental protection.

In order to confirm our cause analysis and extensively investigate the opinions of the public, we have conducted extensive surveys on people of different identities, consumers, entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders by means of interviews, questionnaires and so on.

02 Formulate implementation plan

Mr. Tony project is a large and systematic project of perm and dye, which also brings unprecedented challenges to our design and implementation plan. In the process of formulating specific plans, we always maintain close communication with scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners, and listen to their stories, experiences and methods carefully. Finally, combined with their opinions, we conducted extensive discussions and formulated thorough project and specific implementation plans.

03 Project development and assessment

We are strongly aware of the significance of communication and cooperation on the development and functioning of the project. It is also extensive and adequate communication that can promote the progress and development of science. We always keep in contact and make cooperation with other teams when expanding and implementing our pre-developed programs. This year, iGEM HUST-China has cooperated in a diverse way with other iGEM teams. We have organized and participated in events such as Central China Meetup, Yeast Meetup, etc., and have built in-depth alliances with multiple teams. In addition, utilizing relevant project experience and knowledge, we have provided a variety of help and guidance to some teams.

04 Broaden the impact: Community and Communication

At the beginning, HUST-China set up Mr. Tony project with the exact goal of truly make contributions beneficial to the world, and strive to be responsible for people around the world. It means that at the end of completion of the project, it is important to broaden the impact of the project on society and humanity. This is not only instructive to the long-term development of our project and contribution to society, but also useful to the spread of science in the whole society with our own strength.

We tend to change the society's attitude towards hair dyeing and perming via organizing Brave Color Challenge in worldwide. And the widespread of our experience and knowledge is deepened through education in all age. At the same time, our team give out our own strength through social volunteering. Additionally, we develop our product into a complete business plan which software and hardware are included. We also shared our software design on the internet via open source.

What a sophisticated and well-designed system for human practice!!!! I can't wait to know more about that! Let me see... Oh! For the first step of your strategy, I'm so eager to know how you discover and analyze the problems !


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