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As you might expect, this year, an intriguing project is on the horizon. No one had ever thought about using biological principles to complete perming and dyeing of hair, and even more, the chance to remove any change you make through this any time you want. Three innocent natural pigments are selected as the foundation of allocation of different hair colors. Meanwhile, we found three corresponding enzymes that could be used in decolorization. A brand new short peptide is also designed to make the hair curl. Surprisingly, with the help of DsbC, this short peptide could have exactly the reverse effect of itself, that is to say, hair straightening.

What's more, through modeling and 3D printing, operational product prototype is fabricated. A portable fermenter and a dyeing comb. The practical of them makes Mr. Tony' more Mr. Tony in the field, or, in other words, suits our project on the aspiration of industrialization.

Due to the benefit of normalized pandemic prevention and zero cases where we are now, opportunities are open to travel across the country this year for huge amounts of human practice and social education. We visited various of corporation, educational institutions, communicated with massive related field individuals, professors and teams and popularized our team prospect to people from primary school students to undergraduates, and from all over the society.

During HP, we were informed that there exists monumental requirement of safe dyes that allow decolorization from industries beyond our imagination, which makes our project more valuable and promising among industries of food process, textile, military and antiques repair.


Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold Medal

1.Integrated Human Practices

2.Improvement of an Existing Part

3.Project Modeling

4.Proof of Concept


6.Education and Communication

7.Excellence in Another Area


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