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The modeling part participates in the progress of the project from three dimensions.

In GenePathway, modeling provides guidance for pathway design and predicts downstream product yield of pre-constructed pathway to ensure the feasibility of the project.

In Dye Color Forcast, modeling provides a set of research paradigm-including mathematical Part and computational Part to study the representation of various molecular adhesion systems, and provides downstream tools for products based on this, which not only saves experimental costs, but also provides convenience for users.

In Micronucleus Counter, the modeling group provided a complete set of counting tools based on ordinary optical microscopy, which is highly consistent with the current standards. At the same time, we open a simple custom window and corresponding custom process, which greatly saves costs and liberates manpower while ensuring freedom of work.

Mind Map

The modeling results propelled the designing of bio-brick. What about the simulation of the entire circuit ? I mean, bio-brick is one thing, but integration of all those parts is another. Do you have the same thought in mind?


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