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As for the implementation, we developed a series of safe and feasible devices to perm and dye hairs, including the fermentation bottle and the dyeing comb. Comparing with traditional ways of perming and dyeing, our products are safer and more convenient. In this part, we drew out the specific application scenarios.

Perm and dye

We can see that the pursuit of beauty is increasing these years, many people want to change their hairstyles. However, the traditional perming and dyeing would do harm to both hair and health. So many people want to have a beautiful hair-style but worry about the damage at the same time. So Mr.Tony is born to solve the problem!

How to use our products?

After designing the whole project, we also take how to put our products into real use into consideration. By cooperating with our modeling group, we have come up with the whole process of how to use our products.

Safety & Security

As a biological product, especially for people's use, we should always put safety and security into first consideration. We had do a lot, including hardware and pigments examination aspects, to prove the safety and security of our product.

Contribution to the world and the faced challenges

Our project is not perfect for sure, in this part, we mention the challenges we face. But we want to create an efficient biological product. We hope it is more than a simple hair dye and perm agent and it do some contribution to the world.

The designed software and hardware seem really user friendly, what do you say? I guess the team has made significant contribution while carrying out the project. Follow me to know more about their contribution -


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