Team:GCGS China


Fish Hola- An aptamer based lateral flow strip for rapid detection of fish spoilage.

Nowadays, consumers' demand for fresh fish is sharply increasing. In the process of cultivation, transportation or storage and the spoilage caused by microbial invasion will affect the health of the fish itself and consumers. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is an important pathogen of fish, which can lead to corruption of fish and health problems of consumers. In order to reduce these risks demonstrated, a rapid detection of corruption is needed. Our project aimed to use structure switching fluorescence method to verify the existing aptamer found in papers that specifically bind AHLs, the quorum sensing signals of P.aeruginosa. After the verification, we found the aptamers can specifically bind to AHLs based on which we successfully constructed an aptamer-based lateral flow test strip. At last, we accomplished the final version of the test trips that was more portable, rapid and efficient for practical application scenarios.