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Basic Parts

During this project, our team designed the following basic parts.

Coding sequences

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K3766000 T7RNAP CGG-R12-KIRV
BBa_K3766002 pmCDA1 T7RNAP CGG-R12-KIRV
BBa_K3766004 TadA* T7RNAP CGG-R12-KIRV
BBa_K3766005 evoAPOBEC1-BE4max T7RNAP CGG-R12-KIRV
BBa_K3766006 evoCDA1-BE4max T7RNAP CGG-R12-KIRV
BBa_K3766007 ABE8.20-m T7RNAP CGG-R12-KIRV
BBa_K3766008 evoAPOBEC1-BE4max T7RNAP
BBa_K3766009 evoCDA1-BE4max T7RNAP
BBa_K3766010 ABE8.20-m T7RNAP
BBa_K3766011 TetR repressor (reverse orientation)
BBa_K3766012 AmpR
BBa_K3766013 mCherry (reverse orientation)
BBa_K3766051 AZT-1
BBa_K3766052 AZT-2
BBa_K3766053 AZT-3
BBa_K3766054 AZT-4
BBa_K3766055 AZT-5
BBa_K3766056 AZT-6
BBa_K3766057 AZT-7
BBa_K3766058 AZT-8
BBa_K3766059 AZT-9
BBa_K3766060 AZT-10
BBa_K3766061 AZT-11
BBa_K3766062 AZT-12
BBa_K3766063 AZT-13
BBa_K3766064 AZT-14
BBa_K3766065 AZT-15
BBa_K3766066 AZT-16
BBa_K3766067 AZT-17
BBa_K3766068 AZT-18
BBa_K3766069 AZT-19
BBa_K3766070 AZT-20
BBa_K3766071 AZT-21
BBa_K3766072 AZT-22
BBa_K3766073 AZT-23
BBa_K3766074 AZT-24
BBa_K3766075 AZT-25
BBa_K3766076 AZT-26
BBa_K3766077 AZT-27
BBa_K3766078 AZT-28
BBa_K3766079 AZT-29
BBa_K3766080 AZT-30
BBa_K3766081 AZT-31
BBa_K3766082 AZT-32
BBa_K3766083 AZT-33
BBa_K3766084 AZT-34
BBa_K3766085 AZT-35
BBa_K3766091 LacI K325R


Part Number Part Name
BBa_K3766021 TetR/TetA promoters
BBa_K3766022 T7CGG promoter (reverse orientation)
BBa_K3766023 AmpR promoter + RBS (with one mutation)

Ribosomal binding sites (RBS)

Part Number Part Name
BBa_K3766031 RBS for TetR in reverse orientation
BBa_K3766032 RBS from pET26b with XbaI and SalI
BBa_K3766033 Synthetic RBS designed for mCherry (reverse orientation)
BBa_K3766034 Synthetic RBS designed for sfGFP
BBa_K3766035 Synthetic RBS designed for LacI


Part Number Part Name
BBa_K3766040 SBa_000451 Terminator
BBa_K3766041 SBa_000451 Terminator (reverse orientation)
BBa_K3766042 SBa_000587 Terminator (reverse orientation)
BBa_K3766043 T7 Terminator (reverse orientation)