Team:CCA San Diego/Parts


Our part collection documents the constructs used in order to express scl2, a bacterial collagen in S. cerevisiae. Expressing bacterial proteins in a eukaryotic chassis is not common, but possible with a careful design and selection of promoter-terminator pairs and provides the added benefit of a “cut-and-paste” gap-repair cloning design. A modified pRS4II16 backbone was used with a synthetic TEF-based promoter (cpTEF_6-I) with an upstream activating sequence (UASFEC), and strong terminator (PRM9). The three protein domains of scl2 were documented as well as the gene as a composite part and our whole construct. For future researchers interested in manipulating our collagen template, we suggest reading through our Collagene Handbook and Literature Collective on our Contributions page.

Basic Parts

Part Number Description Length (bp)
BBa_K3956000 Upstream Activating Sequence FEC 30
BBa_K3956001 30bp_spacer_yeast 30
BBa_K3956003 cpTEF_6-I core promoter 120
BBa_K3956004 5'-UTR 33
BBa_K3956005 Scl2 V Domain (globular) 243
BBa_K3956006 Scl2 enzyme cleaving domain 21
BBa_K3956007 Scl2 triple helix bridging sequence 18
BBa_K3956008 Scl2 CL Domain 696
BBa_K3956009 PRM9 Terminator 243
BBa_K3956016 Shortened pRS4116 3754

Composite Parts

Part Number Description Length (bp)
BBa_K3956010 scl2 978
BBa_K3956014 cpTEF_6-I scl2 PRM9 1390