Team:CCA San Diego/Attributions

As a group of high-school students without much primary supervision, many of whom are first-year iGEMers, we reached out to professors and are so grateful to have received guidance through email and meetings. We also extend our gratitude to the researchers at the J. Craig Venter Institute, our generous sponsors at the SDCSB, and credit the tasks attributed to our 25 team members.

Mrs. Erinn Eddingfield. Mrs. Eddingfield teaches chemistry and anatomy at Canyon Crest Academy and helped our team with the logistics of registration and club maintenance as our primary PI.

Dr. Yo Suzuki. Dr. Suzuki, Assistant Professor of Synthetic Biology at the J. Craig Venter Institute, allowed us to use lab space and materials (including pRS4116 and the W303 yeast strain) this iGEM season and made our entire wet lab possible. He also offered advice when finding a strain of yeast, digesting the cell wall, and verifying our miniprep.

Andras Cook. Andy helped us redesign our project and experimental design numerous times during our time at JCVI. He had a meeting with us to discuss our project design and helped us reorder DNA and primers for a successful setup, showed us how to make and visualize gels. He offered invaluable advice on different kits and sequencing companies, as well as helping us analyze results from gels and recommending many different procedures such as colony PCR verification.

Dvora Celniker. Mrs. Celniker aided us in our hardware development. The resources and advice she provided allowed us to 3D print the parts necessary for the wet-spinning machine.

Dr. Samuel Hudson. A professor Emeritus of Polymer and Color Chemistry, Dr. Hudson advised us on what types of products are feasible with our project. He recommended for us to use a single protein and to make a film rather than filaments.

Dr. John Cavallaro. Dr. Cavallaro, Senior Director of Pipeline Analytics at Bristol Myers Squibb, gave us insight on our initial ideas of what our lab procedures were going to be, such as whether to take the route of crosslinking.

Dr. Oded Shoseyov. Dr. Shoseyov provided assistance on specific parts of our lab procedure, namely our wet spinning apparatus. He is a professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem who focuses on nanotechnology and plant molecular biology.

Dr. Yu Qiao. As a professor of material science engineering at UCSD Dr. Qiao’s expertise in material science was useful for us in determining our methods for testing the properties of the collagen products.

Dr. Greta Faccio. Dr. Greta Faccio, independent scientist with expertise in protein science and a PhD in genetics from the University of Helsinki, helped us choose the best crosslinking methods.

Daniel Rodger. Mr. Rodger is an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) and a Senior Lecturer in Perioperative Practice at London South Bank University, who discussed the bioethics of our project and advised us to focus on ways to lower the cost of our final product.

Leonard Fresenborg. Mr. Fresenborg - member of Frankfurt iGEM, a team that laid down pioneering documentation for yeast transformation - shared his experience and reviewed the technicalities and our project design in great detail.

Melissa Amazeo. Ms. Amazeo was the first to walk us through Gibson assembly, running an SDS-PAGE, and doing a plasmid miniprep. She let us use some of her media and showed us around the laboratory for all the materials we needed, such as filters and different enzymes.

Diana Hernandez. Ms. Hernandez helped our team locate reagents, use unfamiliar laboratory tools, and order sequencing.

Ayako Murao. Ms. Murao gave us advice on how to use different machines such as the thermocycler and correctly use miniprep kits and prepare reduced SDS-PAGE samples.

San Diego Center for Systems Biology. Jason Kreigsberg, Charlotte Curtis, and the faculty of the SDCSB were generous donors of our iGEM Team, covering $2500 of our registration costs.

iGEM Impact Grant. Paid for our participation at the Jamboree."

Qualcomm. Matched donations in order to pay for iGEM registration

J. Craig Venter Institute of La Jolla. Allowed us to use their lab even in the uncertain times of COVID-19, as well as use reagents and materials free of cost.

GreatBay SZ 2019. Spiderman project was major inspiration for CollaGene, in addition to their Hardware documentation.

Vilnus Lithuania 2020. FlavoFlow's web design documentation was a huge help and inspiration for our team.

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