Team:CCA San Diego/Partnership


Throughout the season, we partnered with DNHS_SanDiego_CA, another high school in our area, with weekly virtual meetings. In these meetings, we presented what progress we made to each other and also gave each other advice on what to do the next week.



DNHS_SanDiego_CA and CCA_San_Diego teams held weekly, thirty minute virtual meetings via zoom from June 28th to September 20th, totalling fourteen partnership/collaborative sessions (twelve of which were regular, weekly meetings). During each meeting, both teams would first give a recap, updating the other on each past week’s accomplishments and progress, while the other would ask questions and provide feedback and suggestions. Afterwards, we would go deeper into specific aspects of our projects which we would be particularly concerned about. For example, we gave assistance to the DNHS team on modeling and the planning of their workshop, as part of their science communication component. Both teams assisted with advertising each other’s Human Practices surveys and also discussed methods of potentially linking our projects together. We also hosted a couple of individual, subgroup meetings (etc. modeling-specific) in order to further develop specific aspects of our projects and exchange tools and techniques.