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Our Communication

The Bluepha meet-up

On July 28th, 2021, SHSBNU_China hosted a meetup with BIT& BJU_China, NDNF_China and RDFZ_China at Bluepha Laboratory. During the meetup, our team introduced our project to the other teams and shared our experiences in our whole project. We also presented some problems, expecting to find collaborations.

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Four teams participated in this meet-up

During this communication session, we talked about our project design and process. Other teams showed great interest in our project, but they also suggested that we should be clear with our semiconductor production design part.

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Our team presentation

The Syn-Biotic Fair

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We participated in the Syn-biotic Fair held at Keystone Academy on 10.16. During the fair, we had the pleasure to consult with 6 iGem teams in Beijing: iBowu-China, BHSF, Keystone, RDFZ-China, QHFZ, and UCAS. 

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Member of RDFZ-China looking at our project

During the event, we shared our project and had the opportunity to communicate with each team's projects in detail. It was a fun and interesting experience. We also obtained valuable suggestions and recommendations. For example, one team gave us advice on the strain of E.coli they used which has a high rate in transformation. We also received some valuable comments and suggestions from other teams, and also a lot of inspiration by looking at other teams ' displays. 

For example, a member from Keystone team asked us about who the target market will be for the final synethetic tyrian purple we made. This reminded us of the importance of real life application in our product beside it's ideological use in art creations. Based on this feedback, we intended to focus on specific application of tyrian purple in the future. 

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In addition, we also have a chance to present our ideas to other students, teachers, and people who are interested in synthetic biology, spreading awareness not only about the tyrian purple production process, but also about the entire notion of synthetic biology as well as what exactly we can do with synthetic biology.