Team:BJU China/Safety


Lab Safety:

During our lab work, we followed iGEM safety policy. Our laboratory is classified as Biosafety Level 1, hence no pathogenic or infectious organisms posing any hazard are allowed to be used. In our project, we only need to use Escherichia. coli. So we can operate our project in this laboratory.

All our team members have finished the course Safety Protection of Laboratory and have been well-trained to conduct specific procedures before they started experiments on our project. For discarded waste, we'll manage our lab waste together and sort it into different kinds of garbage, sterilize the waste medium and then put it into specific trash can.

Experiment safety

In our experiment process, we need to extract the final production of tyrian purple from the cultivate medium. In the extraction process, we need to use n-hexane, acetate ethanol, ethanol and water each to extract the tyrian purple. All the extraction and addition steps would be done in the fume cupboard. The waste organic chemicals would be put into recycled organic trash bottle. Students operating with this process would be under surveillance of advisors in order to guarantee students safety.

Project Safety

In our project, we will apply our produced 6,6-dibromoindigo in sensitized solar cell layer as our final product. So we will test the physical property of 6,6-dibromoindigo like its absorbance spectroscopy. Since in our project, we only need to extract the product which is produced by our engineered bacteria, our product applied in life is under biosafety.