Team:BJU China/Attributions


Attribution Table

The following table shows the attributions of our team members. ranked from 0 to 5 (Seashells):

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Wet Lab:

Most of the members of our team participated in the experimental part.
During summer vacation we completed the construction and expression of the gene circuit. And we also successfully knocked out the TnaA gene at the same time.
We finished the fermentation production experiment of Tyrian purple during the National Day holiday.

Human Practices:

Amy, Zihan and Katie made a questionnaire about semiconductors and analyzed the results. Yoyo, Mini, Amy, Zihan and Katie were mainly responsible for the online class section.
We also contacted experts for follow-up, Michael, Charley, yoyo, and Amy went to meet the teachers. Doris and Mika contacted semiconductor companies.
Katie is also responsible for the layout of the art exhibition, which is a highlight of our project.
At the same time, we are also updating bilibili and Zhihu. Michael, Zihan and Mika uploaded our promotion vedio; Amy, Zihan, Mini, Tina and Doris are responsible for updating Zhihu every Monday.

Wiki Construction:

The task of Wiki is to design the website.
The design of the website is divided into construction and writing.
Michael and Charley finished the construction, and Yoyo, Mini, Amy, Michael, Charley, Katie, Tina, Hanxu were in charge of contents writing.


The tasks of the modeling group are mainly completed by Bob, Doris, and Michael.
All of us participated in planning and thinking about what problems can we model.
In brainstorming stage, Bob proposed using the logistic model as an idea.
Michael, Doris, and Bob researched and get the values for different coefficients used in the model.
Michael is responsible for using Matlab to plot and solve formulas
Doris wrote the data analysis section of modeling.

Art, Illustration, Design, Video Editing, and Photography:

Art team is mainly responsible for videos and the design of the icon and main page of the wiki page. Tina and Grace devised the script, and Tina mainly completed the design and the editing of the promotion video, Michael finished the dubbing and shooting of this video.
The team logo and shirt was made by Grace. The main page is designed by Grace and Tina.
The wiki icons are completed by Grace, Tina, Shiqi and Natalie.
Yoyo, Mini, Amy, Michael, Charley, Katie, Tina, Hanxu are responsible for most of the production and shooting of presentation video.

Special Acknowledgements:

Special thanks to our instructors and advisors: Ran Wang, Ruijuan Xiang and Symonne Liu.
Special thanks to the artists of the Central Academy of Fine Arts for their guidance in our art exhibition.
Special thanks to our partnership team NWU-CHINA-A for their support.
Special thanks to century technology and trade building community office offering platform for our online education activity.
Special thanks to Chuanbo Li's lab from optoelectronics and Nano Teaching Center in Minzu University of China on our semiconductor property experiment guidance and help.