Team:BJU China/Protocol


Protocol 1 - Molecular Cloning

Includes the following components:
1. E.coli transformation experiment
2. PCR experiment
3. DNA Restriction Enzyme Experiment
4. DNA Ligase Experiment
5. Colony PCR Experiment
6. SDS-PAGE Experiment
7. Preparation Competent cell
8. Preparation of Competent by One-Step Method

Protocol 2: Dye-sensitized Solar Kit

Dye-sensitized solar kit protocol

Protocol 3: Enzyme Activity

Includes the following components:
1. Test MaFMO enzyme activity
2. Test SttH enzyme activity

Protocol 4: Fermentation of 6BrIG

Fermentation of 6BrIG

Protocol 5: Mutation of TnaA gene

Mutation of TnaA gene

Protocol 6: 6Br-Indole to 6-BrIG production and extraction

Includes the following components:
1. Induction of MaFMO protein
2. 6BrIG Extraction