Team:BJU China/Judging


Bronze Requirements

1. Competition Deliverables:
Judging Form
2. Attributions
3. Description
4. Contribution

Special Prizes


In our education section, we made a collaboration with three other teams which are also focused on dye production. The series online course about dye education left the participants great impressions and with the survey analysis, students received a lot. What's more, our art exhibition also left a great impression on tyrian purple.  


In our modelling section, we constructed two part for our project: Mutation of TnaA gene and dynamic observation of tyrian purple production. In order to test the necessity of endogenous TnaA gene know-out, we construct the first model to prove that endogenous TnaA expression will affect the final production of 6BrIG. We also try to predict the ideal production for 6BrIG in our second part of model. In addition, we want to know the co-culture circumstance of two E. coli strain growth condition. So we do modeling about bacteria growth to see the interaction between two strains.

Human Practices

In our project, we constructed human practice in different stage of our project. In our initial stage, we talked with professor Li and he led us to his lab and presented us some application of semiconductor. In our process of doing experiment, we investigated with Opvtech company,they gave us lots of advice and we also used their hardware to complete our proof of concept part. At last, we took our completed project and presented to professor Li again. He evaluated our project and gave us many advice on improving our project. During our process of doing project, we didi human practice activities in each stage and help us improve our project.