Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, all iGEMers around the world are facing unprecedented challenges. Thankfully, we have received a lot of constructive suggestions and assistance from teachers, friends, senior students and so on. Meanwhile, each member of the team has made a great contribution to the project. Herein, we truly appreciate everyone who contributes to the project.

Team Members
2020 iGEMers

Xiaojie Zhou

With experience from last year, she instructed us in wiki construction and helped us to upload parts. As the team leader of 2020 ZJUT-China B, she supported us throughout the project.

Yi Fan

As the leader of dry lab last year, he guided the illuminator installation of this year. He taught us how to use 3D printing machines and guided us in modeling patiently.

Jiangxiaojie Zhang

As the main member of human practice last year, he taught us the essence of human practice--" “human practice is the origin and power supply of each part". It was Jiangxiaojie Zhang's patient guidance that enabled us to quickly get familiar with iGEM competition.

Senior students

Zhizhi Liu, Xiafeng Lu, Chenyu Wang, Wei Tan, Qingxia Wen, etc. They guided us how to proceed the molecular biological experiments, such as gene cloning, plasmid extraction, PCR and so on. Moreover, when we met problems, they helped us the data analysis and encouraged us to overcome each barrier.

Many thanks to all!


Jingyan Ge

She motivated the progress of our project and helped us check the visual effects of our wiki page. She also instructed our oral English and participated in our presentation rehearse.

Dongchang Sun

He played an important role in the experiments. When the experiment stalled, he guided us and promoted the project with rich experience.

Second PI

Xin Jin

She managed funds for the project and mastered the project schedule.

Xiaofei Song

She participated in our project promotion meeting and helped to publicize our project.


Yinjun Zhang, Haibin Qin, Xiaoling Tang, Feng Cheng

These teachers provided us with experiment working area and online courses, such as laboratory safety rules, software for experimental design, etc. Mrs. Tang helped us to contact the high school which motivated the education unit of our project.



GenScript offered help in arranging technical consultant for technique analyzing in commercial. Besides, they helped us figure out some technological difficulties, and shared some information of related products.

All in all, anyone offered help is sincerely appreciated. No matter who you are or how you helped, it is your strength that makes our project successfully completed. We will always remember this special experience with the wonderful and unforgettable time we spent with you.